We warmly welcome bro. Reuben Westley as a new member of our ecclesia by transfer from the Nottingham South, U.K. ecclesia. We commend brother Lloyd and sister Janice Cooper by transfer to the love and care of the Manitoulin Island ecclesia. We are grateful for the love and support they provided during their time here.

In March 2020, we rejoiced to witness the baptism of Madeline Fish, daughter of brother Jason and sister Jessica Fish. We pray for our Heavenly Father’s blessing on our new sister as we journey together to the kingdom and age to come.

In April 2020, we hosted a Prophecy Day using Zoom with brother John Owen presenting the topic Could Jesus Return in 2020 and brother Peter Owen presenting the topic The Future of Europe. The classes were very encouraging and the event was well attended by brothers and sisters from near and far.

In 2018, we purchased a property that will be used as a new ecclesial hall. Following a protracted process, we have recently received a building permit which will enable us to make necessary modifications to the property before we can commence ecclesial activities there. We expect to issue an appeal for financial assistance to the brotherhood once the renovation costs have been formally estimated.