Bible Study

Jerusalem’s New Birth

This study is an invitation to see the dramatic prophecies in Zechariah 12-14 from a different vantage point. Familiar and unfamiliar will mix together as we ponder each of the events that portent the coming birth of the New Jerusalem.
Zechariah 12-14 is not just another series of prophecies about the “last days”: It is specifically about the creation of God’s People, the New Jerusalem, the Kingdom of God. It is the time of the new heavens and earth, the new order of things that replaces the world as we know it now. We are standing with Zechariah on the very threshold of the Kingdom of God on this earth, and he is about to reveal to us how it will all come to pass.
This Day is a day of New Creation, Purification, Salvation, and Life for His People. Out of the circumstances we considered in the previous study, God is about to “create Jerusalem a rejoicing, her people a joy.” (Isa 65:9)
As we did in the second part of this study, we will carefully work through the details and implications in this final prophecy.
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