We are pleased to introduce a New Book, The Joy of Sunday Schooling, by Bro. James Harper and Contributors. Available in electronic (pdf) format only for $10 US. A sample chapter is available for free download. 

The Joy of Sunday Schooling is an extensive resource to help Sunday school teachers and youth leaders in their important work. It draws on a wealth of Sunday school expertise, with 44 chapters, divided into three main parts: 

Part 1 – Sunday School Matters. (How to be an effective teacher, from curriculum, to teaching methods, to meeting today’s challenges.) 

Part 2 – What Others Have Done. (Personal stories. Examples of successful approaches to involve students in the learning process, contributed by teachers, parents, and students.) 

Part 3 – Ready to Use. (Resources to integrate into any curriculum, such as decision-making activities, case studies, life-applications, plays, object lessons, games, puzzles, and more.) 

Here is what reviewers are saying about The Joy of Sunday Schooling … 

The Joy of Sunday Schooling is a must-read for anyone who teaches Sunday School or children’s Bible classes of any kind.  I have been teaching Sunday School and Bible School classes for many years, and I still found so many wonderful ideas in this book that I had not considered before.  Every chapter has practical information and ideas that can be used in the Sunday School classroom.  I highly recommend reading this book all the way through and then keeping it as a reference to refer to again and again as you teach our children the most important lessons they will ever learn.” 

Jane Hewitson (Baltimore, MD)

The Joy of Sunday Schooling is a compilation of best practices in capturing the heart, soul, and mind of our children in Sunday School class as well as preparing them to apply biblical lessons in daily life.  The educational goal grid, introduced in chapter 3, is a tremendous help, guiding teachers to use Bible stories in ways that encourage students to develop relationships, change attitudes, and practice decision-making strategies that will guide them on the path toward the Kingdom.  Jim Harper and his contributors have taken years of experience, guiding principles, and creative activities and placed them in a sensible, practical resource.  If you are into bullet points and quick links, you will find a box at the end of each chapter, entitled ‘Afterwords,’ which directs you to other places in the book – and on the web – that are related to the chapter.   The e-book format allows the reader to quickly move back and forth in this three-part guide. 

This resource is an invaluable asset to all Sunday school teachers which, when prayerfully meshed with the preparation of meaningful lessons, will surely enrich the lives of many and help bring them to the feet of our Lord, ready to serve now and forever.”

Tracy Pettinger (Cleveland, OH)

“This book is an incredible resource that can provide a foundation to a beginner teacher, and can support a seasoned teacher.  It is overflowing with information and suggestions––and everything is interlinked.  Where one chapter mentions an idea, there is a link to see an entire chapter that builds upon that idea or theme, and sometimes even additional resources to be found online.  It addresses problems and concerns in Sunday schooling, technique, and material.  Every Sunday school teacher would benefit from having this book as an available resource and go-to manual.  I recommend it highly.”

Jason Hensley (Simi Hills, CA)

My first attempts at teaching Sunday school in the pre-internet age were by self-admission less than excellent. How I could have used the new handbook, The Joy of Sunday Schooling! It is an exhaustive collection of essays on teaching techniques, tools, practical ideas, and resources. Many of the resources are links to other material; the e-book format will ensure these links remain up-to-date. I recommend this book to all Sunday school teachers of both young and old. 

Melinda Flatley (Pittsburgh, PA) 

The Joy of Sunday Schooling inspires excellence. From the opening insights of a seasoned teacher to the closing tribute, the book elevates the subject of Sunday school teaching. Within its pages are ideas that spark the flames of creativity. It is a cornucopia for all who aspire to teach the Word of God to children. One of the recurring themes is the importance of merging Biblical facts with transformative thinking. The educational goals of information and transformation are set out in a grid, prodding teachers to reach both the head and the heart! Consequently, woven into each activity is the probing question: does this help a student think clearly about life? Teachers equipped with this type of goal setting tool can effectively guide a young person along the right path in life toward baptism. Educating the children in our lives to love God and keep His commandments is a privilege. The Joy of Sunday Schooling inspires us to give God our best efforts. 

Carol Link (Baltimore, MD)