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A Bible Journal – Observations Along the Way

Booker, George | Published in 2015 | Paperback, 305 Pages

This sequel to On the Way is the album of a spiritual journey, offering encouragement and food for thought to fellow travelers along the Way. Its pages present in-depth studies and thoughtful exhortations, as well as lighter meditations and musings.

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A Wayfarer’s Guide – Farther Along the Way

Booker, George   |   Published in 2018   |   Paperback, 301 Pages

A resource for fellow travelers on the Way of Life: word studies, insights into details of Scripture, perspectives on difficult questions, and analogies that relate to the spiritual life.

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On the Way – Bible Studies, Exhortations, Mediations and Musings

Booker, George   |   Published in 2014   |   Paperback (320 pages), PDF

“The Way” is a path to salvation, a manner of living day by day, a journey through life with all its ups and downs. This book offers insights, encouragement and food for thought, to encourage all those “on the Way”, whether young in the Truth or baptized for many years.

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Pictures of Redemption

Booker, George  |   Published in 2012   |   Paperback (192 pages), Kindle

After the First Principles have been mastered (as they must be), we must face the fact that there is something beyond. As we live out our lives day by day, the important issue is not so much how redemption has been achieved, but rather what redemption means, morally and spiritually…


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