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Bible and Science – Design vs. Chance

Bilello, John  |   Published in 2005   |   PDF

This book discusses the relationship between what the Bible teaches and what Science understands.

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Bible Guidelines for a Happy Marriage

Bilello, John  |   Published in 2013   |   Paperback (127 pages), PDF

Sound, proactive, biblical advice on how to build and maintain a happy marriage.

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Little Words

Bilello, John   |   Published in 2017   |   Paperback (272 pages), PDF

Explore the meanings of key Bible words, their subtleties of meaning and their applications to our walk in Christ. This book shows there is no need to be a specialist in ancient Hebrew and Greek to properly understand the Word

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Bilello, John    |   Published in 2003   |   Paperback (114 pages), eBook, PDF

Do we believe in miracles? Any sincere believer in the word of God should be able to answer this question in the affirmative. Nevertheless, if an unbeliever asked us if we ever actually had witnessed a miracle, what would we answer?

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Bilello, John    |   Published in 2008   |   Paperback (170 pages), Paperback (Russian, 184 pages), PDF, ePub

This book examines the parables of the Lord Jesus Christ in light of the historical traditions of the Talmud and with exhortational reference to present times.

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