The Enormous Tiny Experiment

Tikvah, Anna  |   Published in 2020   |   Paperback (219 pages)

In an attempt to create a true Paradise, Professor Lemans uses his vast resources and scientific genius to miniaturize life. With 21 ‘Tinys’ in a secret, domed terrarium, the Professor believes his beautiful world will be the happiest place on earth, free from all catastrophes and suffering.

However, every month for the Tinys equals a normal human year. As they rapidly grow and learn, will the Tinys find the happiness the Professor believes is possible? Will life be an idyllic, fun-filled adventure from one day to the next, or will unpredictable events cause hardship even in Paradise?

The Enormous Tiny Experiment collection is a new series by Anna Tikvah. Appealing to younger teens, this rather zany, impossible setting provides a framework to explore the love and purpose God has for His creation from a different point of view. In this set of three novels, an atheistic Professor discovers a way to miniaturize life, and attempts to shelter his ‘creation’ from suffering and catastrophe.

As the Professor proudly plays ‘god’ to the 21 Tinys in the amazing terrarium he designed, he gradually comes to empathize with the dilemmas and decisions that his own, unacknowledged Creator faces daily. What happens when some don’t enjoy his perfect world? What happens when jealousy, selfishness and misunderstandings ruin friendships and lead to tears? What happens when the gift of knowledge leads to destruction rather than benefitting the community? What happens when rules are created on a whim, or expanded upon by others? What happens when personal bias collides with free will? Sadly, in the Professor’s valiant attempts to create a world without suffering, he overlooked one obvious flaw… a flaw that undermines everything he thought he had figured out.



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