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Adjusting Bible Activities to the Ages of Your Children
Sis. Kristin Atwood (Verdugo Hills, California)

Our last presentation in this special series is from Sis. Kristin Atwood of the Verdugo Hills Ecclesia in Southern California. Kristin speaks candidly about some of the challenges raising three little boys, especially during this time of being home-bound during the pandemic! Kristin has simple, yet important messages.

First, think about teaching in small doses throughout the day. Use what is happening during the day to create teachable moments. She also discusses the flexibility and tailoring the reading and stories for children to be age-appropriate, understanding that granularity and depth of message may increase as they age. Finally, Kristin has a few new resource books to share, which she and her husband, Chris, have found helpful with their boys.


Practical Ways to Structure Learning About God
Sis. Kristen Styles (Thousand Oaks, California)

The next video in this special series features Sis. Kristen Styles of the Thousand Oaks Ecclesia in Southern California. Kristen will be discussing a number of practical techniques to add spiritual activities to each day. This will include a daily schedule, journaling, nurturing gratefulness, and bedtime routines. Kristen suggests having a daily schedule helps to facilitate parents getting God into their children’s lives every day.

Resources recommended:

How to Teach Children about Nature as God’s Creation
Sis. Jessica Gelineau (Simi Hills, California)

Our next video is provided by Sis. Jessica Gelineau from the Simi Hills, CA Ecclesia. Sis. Jessica is a professional educator and she shares some exciting and practical ideas about how families can teach children about nature and God’s Creation in a fun and practical way, from the comfort of home.

Psalm 19:1 and 7, 8, 9 are quoted in the video. The entire Psalm is about the powerful testimony of nature (specifically, “the heavens”, or what we see when we look up; however, I think the sentiments expressed in the Psalm can be found in the testimony of all parts of Creation!)

For specific questions related to nature/science teaching tips or to further discuss resources for children, feel free to contact Jessica directly at

The seven Crosscutting Concepts from the Next Generation Science Standards referred to in the video are: Patterns, Cause and Effect, Scale, Systems and Systems Models, Energy and Matter, Structure and Function, and Stability and Change. Memorizing and using these concepts in conversation can be a helpful way to anchor a child’s learning about the natural world. The website below contains a suggested image to help with memorizing each concept, as well as examples of where these principles occur in the natural world, and “critical questions” that can be used to start conversations.
Next Generation Science Standards or a version of them are used to guide science instruction in 40/50 of the United States.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology hosts a great educational resource page that can help children get excited about bird-watching in their neighborhoods or backyards! Lots of free printables and a database of bird images, videos, sound clips, and more.

This educational website is usually subscription-based but during school closures anyone can request a free account; simply sign up and you will have access. You can find a huge array of animated teaching videos and printable/digital activities on a variety of topics, including many nature/animal/plant topics. Parents may wish to preview and pre-select videos, especially depending on the age of the child.

For Pre-K to 2nd or 3rd grade:
For 3rd grade and above:
For Spanish Speakers:

If you’re looking for a good quality, up-to-date science reference book that can be used to enhance learning about nature topics, this free E-Book, Science Magnifier, may be useful. It’s aimed at grades 3-5 but can provide helpful background for parents of kids of all ages who like to ask questions about what they observe!

Online Resource for Individuals, Families and Ecclesias
Sisters Linda Wilton, Hadassah Styles and Karly Styles (Ontario, Canada)

The Tidings is pleased to introduce Sisters Linda Wilton, Hadassah Styles and Karly Styles, who present the exciting Magnify Him Together website.

In this video, our Sisters detail the incredible resources that are available on this website. We are sure you will find the resources to be beneficial:

We are inspired by the work of the team, who have put together this valuable resource while managing their busy households and young children.

Online Bible Resources & Activities for Young People and Children
Bro. Jim Harper (Meriden, Connecticut)

All of us are finding that life has significantly changed for ourselves and our families. This timely video podcast features Bro. Jim Harper from the Meriden, Connecticut Ecclesia.

Bro. Jim has a long history with Sunday School leadership and views the present time as being critical for our young people, who are finding themselves in virtual isolation during the COVID-19 crisis. (This video was made from Bro. Jim’s office, so please excuse the poor quality of the transmission.) We are all searching now for answers on how we can best serve our immediate and #ecclesial families.

Bro. Jim will provide you with practical ideas and resources to supplement the #Bible lessons and exercises you are likely already doing.

Resources noted in Bro. Jim Harper’s Address: