The Christadelphian Tidings Publishing Committee is dedicated to increasing faith of individuals and ecclesias by creating and distributing valued content on spiritual matters and thus glorifying God as a unified community.

2020-2021 Strategy, Lord Willing

Engage a broader number of contributors to the work of the Committee through the creation and management of a revised website and the establishment of new subcommittees to develop resources for preaching and education. Increase the number of readers, with a special emphasis on younger subscribers. Serve as a catalyst for collaboration and cooperation across the community.


Some of our goals for 2020-2021, Lord Willing, include:

  1. Develop a web-based (mobile app) version of the Tidings to create a mechanism for engaging the community in chat and sharing forums.
  2. Pursue partnership projects with other Christadelphian organizations that further the mission and goals of the Tidings and demonstrate spiritual leadership through collaboration.
  3. Infuse a global perspective in Tidings content that reflects a broader view of the overall Christadelphian community.
  4. Develop a strategy to specifically increase readership of our Millennial-aged community.
  5. Lead projects for the creation of outreach materials to be used specifically for North American ecclesias.
  6. Determine if there are internally focused educational resource needs (e.g., seminars) to support ecclesias, families and individuals.
  7. Create a mechanism for the ongoing feedback of Tidings services.