Editorial Staff

The Editorial Staff is comprised of unpaid Christadelphian volunteers. We are thankful for their service and care for our community. If you wish to contact a member of the staff for ideas or feedback on articles, please feel free to use the email addresses provided.

Dave Jennings

Dave Jennings
Verdugo Hills California Ecclesia


Melinda Flatley

Melinda Flatley
Writer Recruitment, Final Copy
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Ecclesia


Jeff Gelineau

Jeff Gelineau
Ecclesial News and Events
Simi Hills California Ecclesia



Jessica Gelineau
Music and Praise
Simi Hills Ecclesia



John C. Bilello
Letters to the Editor
Ann Arbor, Michigan Ecclesia


Joe Hill

Joe Hill
First Principles
Austin Leander Texas Ecclesia


Chuck Link

Chuck Link
Life Application
Moorsetown New Jersey Ecclesia


Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan
Expositional Studies
Simi Hills California Ecclesia


Duncan Kenzie

Duncan Kenzie
Saanich Peninsula


Committee Members

The Tidings Committee is made up of unpaid Christadelphian volunteers. They participate in the setting and management of annual goals and contribute through periodic meetings held virtually. Annually, the Committee meets in person to review finances, annual goal results and assess plans for the coming year.

Chairman – Alan Markwith, Greenaway Hamilton Ontario Ecclesia

Treasurer – Jeff Gelineau, Simi Hills California Ecclesia

John Bilello, Ann Arbor Michigan Ecclesia

Peter Bilello, Ann Arbor Michigan Ecclesia

Randy Davenport, Orlando Ecclesia

Clive Drepaul, NYC Brooklyn Ecclesia

Kevin Flatley, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Ecclesia

Peter Hemingray, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Ecclesia

Joe Hill, Austin Leander Texas Ecclesia

William Link, Jr., Baltimore Maryland Ecclesia

Ken Sommerville, Simi Hills California Ecclesia

Bro. Joe Hill has retired as Chairman of the Christadelphian Tidings. Read more about his many contributions to the Tidings and about our new Chair, Bro. Alan Markwith here. We thank Bro. Joe for his service as Chair for the past 14 years and are pleased that he will remain on the Tidings Committee.