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“Therefore, my brothers and sisters, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in the Lord in this way, dear friends!” Philippians 4:1 (NIV)

October 12, 2020

Mississauga West (Ontario, Canada)

We warmly welcome bro. Reuben Westley as a new member of our ecclesia by transfer from the Nottingham South, U.K. ecclesia. We commend brother Lloyd and sister Janice Cooper by transfer to the love and care of the Manitoulin Island ecclesia. We are grateful for the love and support they provided during their time here.

In March 2020, we rejoiced to witness the baptism of Madeline Fish, daughter of brother Jason and sister Jessica Fish. We pray for our Heavenly Father’s blessing on our new sister as we journey together to the kingdom and age to come.

In April 2020, we hosted a Prophecy Day using Zoom with brother John Owen presenting the topic Could Jesus Return in 2020 and brother Peter Owen presenting the topic The Future of Europe. The classes were very encouraging and the event was well attended by brothers and sisters from near and far. 

In 2018, we purchased a property that will be used as a new ecclesial hall. Following a protracted process, we have recently received a building permit which will enable us to make necessary modifications to the property before we can commence ecclesial activities there. We expect to issue an appeal for financial assistance to the brotherhood once the renovation costs have been formally estimated.

Joel Thorp

October 8, 2020

Sussex Ecclesia (New Brunswick, Canada)

It is with delight that we announce the baptism of Sister Harmonee Paige Baines.  This is a late note but it occurred on Saturday May 23, 2020 in one of our local rivers. She received the Right Hand of Fellowship on Sunday May 24, 2020. We are delighted to have her join our Ecclesia in Sussex. Please welcome her to the Worldwide Community of Brothers & Sisters.

Paul Baines

September 29, 2020

San Francisco Peninsula Ecclesia

Like most ecclesias throughout the world, we are holding all our meetings virtually. This will continue through the end of the year. Once a month we join with Sacramento ecclesia (about 120 miles away). We find, like others, that virtual contact is no substitute for face to face interactions, however, due to the geographic spread of our brethren we have many more in attendance at our mid-week class than we do in person; that is a plus.

Another plus was witnessing a couple of weddings virtually. May 2 Lauren Land (formerly of our ecclesia) and Dalton Henley (Sacramento) were married outdoors in a forest setting and streamed for us to witness. Then we had a real boost on June 24 when six of us gathered at the hall for the baptism of Martha Frisby (her son, Robert Frisby is in Chicago [Lombard] ecclesia). It marked the culmination of an earnest and comprehensive search for understanding the one true gospel. We rejoice to have her as our sister in Christ. Our widowed brother Jim Seagoe quietly joined in marriage to sister Rhonda Vaughn (San Diego County) on September 16.

We thank our bro. Allen Laban for his ministrations for our first virtual Weekend with the Word. Everyone found his classes to be practical and engaging. He used the Zoom poll feature to support his class presentations.

As most of you are aware, we in northern California have been overwhelmed by fire on all sides, most caused by lightning strikes (in one night 22 wildfires were ignited). Six of our members were required to evacuate their homes but thanks be to God, all have now returned to intact homes. Some have fled the intense hazardous smoke which has spread to Nevada and now onto the east coast. Oregon is under hazardous smoke over much of the state and many brethren are under pending evacuation orders. Please remember us all in your prayers and the many firefighters who are risking their lives and health to save others and their property. We are so thankful for their dedication. We thought lock down from Covid was bad enough then we got hit with a record-breaking heat wave and now smoke so unhealthy we cannot venture outside. These must surely be the last days as we have never known such disaster and chaos but we look to our Father for the strength to endure. Even so come Lord Jesus!

Dolores Sleeper
On behalf of SFP ecclesia

September 29, 2020


We are delighted to report the baptism of NATALIE ROBINSON, daughter of Bro. Stephen and Sis. Kristy Robinson of our ecclesia, on August 5, 2020. We conducted a “virtual” baptism service with Sis. Natalie’s immediate family in attendance, but joined on line with our members, and friends and family from all over the US and Canada. It was a blessing that so many could participate in this joyous event.

The undersigned is now the Recording Brother and all correspondence should be directed to me, either at our ecclesial hal,l or by email at:

Kevin Flatley

September 29, 2020


The Annual New England Fraternal Gathering is hosted this year by the Westerly, RI Ecclesia and will be held, Yahweh willing, on Sunday October 4, 2020.  The speaker for the gathering is Bro. Frank Abel (Hamilton Book Road, ON) and the theme for the gathering is, “Living at the Edge of the Kingdom”.  The gathering will feature talks on the subjects of, “Overcoming the Challenges of a Godless World” and “Strengthening Those Things That Remain”.  This year we face new challenges, with conditions as they are, that the in-person fraternal gathering as we have known and enjoyed it, is not to be.  This year it will be a virtual event.  If you wish to receive further information when it is available, please email Bro. Craig Nevers at:

Craig Nevers

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