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“Therefore, my brothers and sisters, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in the Lord in this way, dear friends!” Philippians 4:1 (NIV)

June 2022

Sarasota, FL

The sympathy of the Sarasota ecclesia is extended to the family of Sis Lois Johnson who has fallen asleep in Christ.

Sister Lois was a member of the Largo, Florida ecclesia but we had many visits with our dear sister over the years, both here in Sarasota and at her home ecclesia of Largo. We were also impressed with her knowledge, optimistic spirit and ready smile and an abiding love for her Lord and her brothers and sisters in Christ. She has been released from the pain which she had been facing bravely these past months and now awaits the call of the Resurrection trumpet.

We were glad to have visiting with us around the table of the Lord Brother John and Sister Heather Scott of the Brantford, Ont. ecclesia.

James L Wilkinson
Recording Brother

June, 2022

Cambridge Ecclesia, Ontario

Greetings in the Hope we share.  It is with great joy that we announce the baptism of another one of Adam’s race into the saving name of Jesus Christ.  On March 27, 2022, Aiden Culver, son of our bro. Dennis and late sis. Sarah Culver, and step-son to our sis. Abby Culver, entered the saving waters and put on the name of Christ.

We also rejoice in the birth of baby Alexander Maximus Wilson to our bro. Craig and sis. Elle Wilson on May 24, 2022.

Our bro. Matt and sis. Stephanie Drywood, along with their children – Sis. Cassidy, Bro. Joel and James Drywood – have transferred their membership and we commend them into the loving care of our brothers and sisters of the Hamilton (Book Road) Ecclesia.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our bro. Jim Styles of the Simi Hills, CA ecclesia for his ministrations to us at our annual study day. Brother Jim greatly encouraged us in our ecclesia life by his talks on the book of Ezra.  We also thank our bro. Stephen Bryan of the Portage, IN ecclesia for his words of exhortation.

Please note that the Cambridge (Ontario) ecclesia now meets at the Armenian Community Centre, 15 International Village Drive in Cambridge, ON.  For the months of July and August our memorial service will start at 10:30 am instead of our usual 11:00 am start time.

Yours in Christ,
Kurt Ruhland
Assistant Recording Brother

June, 2022

Ottawa Ecclesia, Ontario

We rejoice in the marriage of Sister Siyana Stoycheva and Brother Pelo Mulumba (Montreal) on June 3, 2022; they plan to be regular visitors to the Ottawa ecclesia. Sister Judy Farrar (Woodstock) has moved to the Ottawa area and we are pleased to have her attending our meetings.

After several years of searching for a more suitable room to rent, our ecclesia has been blessed to find a new meeting place: the Beaverbrook Community Centre (second floor), 1002 Beaverbrook Road in Kanata. Please contact a member of the ecclesia for meeting times and directions.

Ethel Archard

June, 2022

Avon Ecclesia, Indiana

Our small ecclesia is once again commending more families to other ecclesias.  Last fall our Bro. Matt and Sis. Bethany Livermore, along with their 3 sons, transferred to the Monroe, WA ecclesia.  In May 2022, our Bro. Jacob and Sis. Sasha Hallmark, and their 2 children, moved to the Tyler-Longview ecclesia in Texas.  This is now 18 members and 14 Sunday School students that we have lost.  The good news is that they all went to other ecclesias, and we wish each of them God’s blessing in their new ecclesial home.  The bad news is how much it has decimated Avon.  Well, there is a silver lining in that, while a brother might move away from Avon, because of Zoom they remain on our speaking rotation!  So, you can check out, but you can never actually leave!

On a more somber note, probably one of the most difficult things to hit the ecclesia was the death of our Bro. Ed Binch in 2020.  His contributions to our small ecclesia are sorely missed.

Avon has always had families come and go. We now are asking families to prayerfully consider coming to Indianapolis to replenish our membership!  Indy’s nickname is the “Crossroads of America” because 6 interstates span the state.  It is easy to get almost anywhere from here.  The economy is strong and the cost of living is low.  A family could move from almost anywhere else and find the housing much more affordable.  We have a beautiful ecclesial hall and a loving spiritual environment.  We could really use new members.

Bro. Lee Livermore
Recording Brother

April, 2022

Sarasota Ecclesia, FL

This past month our ecclesia had the pleasure of visits from Bro Ian and Sis Judy Macfarlane and Bro John and Sis Tara Solomon of the Book Road, Ontario Ecclesia. Also Sis Louise Archer and Sis Helen Pritchett of the Lapworth UK Ecclesia. And Sis Helen Gibson of the Largo / Tampa Bay Ecclesia. We thank Bros Macfarlane and Soloman for their words of exhortation.

The Sarasota Ecclesia is sorry to say goodbye to Bro Terry and Sis Jean Cannon of the Castle Bromwich, UK Ecclesia. For over 25 years they have been like family to our ecclesia. We shared many good times, both at the Hall and at their home. They will be greatly missed.

James L. Wilkinson

April, 2022

Toronto West Ecclesia, ON

It is with great joy that we announce the baptism of Christopher Carrick, son of Reuben and Wendy Carrick, on 27 March 2022. We pray that our walk together towards God’s Kingdom will be mutually beneficial.

With Covid restrictions gradually being lifted, we recently hosted a Senior CYC weekend at Hidden Acres Retreat which was well attended by 59 young people and 17 adults from across Ontario and Quebec. Bro Mark Carr spoke on “Visions of the Kingdom”.

We continue to stream our Memorial services and Bible classes to our members as well as those in isolation in Athens, Greece, and Lachine, Quebec, especially the ecclesias in Larissa, Greece and Montreal, Quebec, and many others in North America. We also host an online Memorial service in Swahili for members across North America and the Congo. Please contact the undersigned for links and more information. All our past services (in English) are recorded and can be viewed on our website at

Bro Brian Carrick
Recording Brother, Toronto West Ecclesia
24 Langside Avenue, North York,  ON
Canada  M9N 3E3

April, 2022

Barrie, ON

We are grateful for divine blessing in the continuance of our small light stand here in Central Ontario on the edge of Ontario’s renowned ‘cottage country’, having resorted to virtual services and then reopening a couple of times. We now function with a hybrid format which suits the current situation well. 

Occasional feedback from the travelling public near and far indicate that we are known to them as the “church with the sign”. With a four-lane highway on our front doorstep, it provides a unique opportunity to display a brief scriptural message to rushing commuters, volumes of truck drivers and the travelling public at large to take time and engage the gracious invitation of the Gospel. 

It is regrettable to report that our Sis. Maria Perks, wife of Bro. Walter Perks suddenly and untimely fell asleep in the Lord on September 27, 2020, a few days following surgery. We all miss Sis. Maria greatly and continue to seek God’s blessing of comfort and consolation in the sure hope of the resurrection to Bro. Walter in his time of loss and bereavement. Sis. Mazie & Bro. Don Berdan have also both now fallen asleep in the Lord Jesus. Sis Mazie on Sept 2, 2018 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s and Bro. Don recently on Feb. 13, 2022. He had moved to Wallaceburg to the care of his daughter, but connected via phone on Sundays as long as his health permitted. The Berdans were faithful members here since the inception of this ecclesia. 

Bro. Kevin & Sis. Kim Cooper and family have moved to Manitoulin Island ON and transferred their membership to the Manitoulin Island ecclesia. Bro. Dan & Rachelle Perks and family have moved to Australia. Bro. James & Sis. Laura Pearce and family have transferred to the Cambridge, ON Ecclesia. We commend them all in fraternal love to their respective ecclesias. On the receiving end, we take pleasure in welcoming Bro. Tom Briggs; Bro. Jason & Sis. Sylvia Grant and family, all from the former Orangeville ON Ecclesia and look forward to their support and fellowship as we all await the day of the Lord’s appearing and Kingdom. 

Our thanks are extended to the many brethren who have ministered to our needs through the last few years by in-person and by virtual arrangement. We also have received much spiritual benefit through the use of recorded presentations provided by and others. 

It is a pleasure for our ecclesia to recently give assent to assuming the role of financial sponsorship to the Lakefield Bible School (formerly Niagara Falls Bible School) which has functioned for many years as a full-service Bible School and the venue is near Peterborough, ON. The Toronto East Ecclesia had faithfully pioneered the sponsorship from the school’s beginning. Six members of our ecclesia also serve with others on the LCBS Committee. 

We are looking forward to once again providing a booth at the local Oro World’s Fair this year in September, Lord willing. It has been a useful opportunity to engage the public in our area and to preach a message of Hope to a world in chaos, but the venue has been closed with the onset of Covid 19. 

Bruce Abel

April, 2022

Halifax, NS

Our ecclesia, legally known as the Bedford (Central) Christadelphian Ecclesia for many years, is now called “The Halifax Christadelphians”. After two years of meeting online, our ecclesia will be recommencing in-person meetings in the coming months. Lord willing, for Breaking of Bread and Bible Class services we will be returning to the Scott Manor House in September 2022 (details as in CAL Diary). Anyone travelling to this region before then should contact the oversigned at Please see our Halifax Project appeal published elsewhere in this magazine.

The Halifax Project
In 2002, shortly after our family arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we sent out an appeal to the ecclesial world called “The Halifax Project”. We asked open-hearted brothers and sisters to think about supporting our small ecclesia through holiday visits or relocating to become members. God blessed our effort with a number of brothers and sisters who supported a domestic mission in 2002 and several others who move to the province. During the COVID pandemic, Nova Scotia did relatively well, benefiting from being almost an island. This and other factors have made Nova Scotia an attractive destination: more than 10,000 people moved to the province from other parts of Canada during the pandemic — including those who are able to work remotely. At this time we are renewing our appeal to brothers and sisters to consider Nova Scotia in their holiday plans, university training (the city has five universities) or relocation for work or retirement. The province is surrounded by the ocean and is filled with sites of natural beauty. Despite the recent migration to the province, real estate prices are still much below the national average. Those who move here will find a less hectic pace of life and a warm ecclesial environment. Please visit the following site to learn more about the province and opportunities here:

Our ecclesial website is:

Those interested in reaching out should feel free to contact us at:

Steve and Julie Snobelen
Halifax, Nova Scotia Christadelphian Ecclesia

March, 2022

Vancouver Ecclesia

During the past year since we last reported, like so many, much of our ecclesial activity has remained limited by local COVID mandates. Our Sis. Beverly Ferguson who resides in a retirement home, we commended to the New Westminster ecclesia with whom she has enjoyed Zoom meeting fellowship for several years. Transferring to us from the Rolling Hills Alberta ecclesia by way of Victoria is Sis. Sarah Kohlman. May our Lord bless our sisters as they continue in their new spiritual homes. Our Sis. Ruth Parman fell asleep in October after suffering for several years from an irresolvable medical condition. We rejoiced in Sis. Ruth’s unshaken faith in the day of resurrection and in our Lord’s boundless grace. May her rest be short. The blessing of marriage in our common faith came to Bro. Peter Pennington and Sis. Esther Isobe (New Westminster ecclesia) in August and to Bro. Steven Fedorski and Sis. Sarah Kohlman, united in September. Our prayers are for our Lord’s blessing on their walks together. Little ones arrived to two families: Bro. Wesley and Sis. Silvia Butler welcomed Shaphan their third, while Bro. Gavin and Sis. Reyah Orsetti welcomed Aniyah, their first. May our Lord bless these young ones as they grow in his loving care.

Finding suitable affordable housing in our metro area continues to challenge all so we are thankful that six families completed successful moves during the year. Stimulating exhortations and classes by visiting brothers are a blessing many are enjoying in this ‘Zoom’ era and we thank the many who generously served, including Bro. Jason Hensley (Simi Hills)providing 2021 fraternal classes, “Giving Grace”.  Our 2022 fraternal classes, October 8-9, will be presented by Bro. Dafydd Jenkins (Cardiff, Museum Place).

February, 2022

Orlando Ecclesia

We rejoice in the baptism of our new brother, Shiloh Markwith, on January 8th, 2022. Brother Shiloh is the son of Brother Aaron and Sister Rhonda Markwith.

We welcome as new members Brother Stephen and Sister Betty Lou Lewis who have transferred from the Largo Ecclesia.

We are very sad to report the loss of our brother Nick Parrino who fell asleep in Christ this past year.  We yearn to see our brother again at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our annual study weekend was held January 28-30, and we are very grateful to Brother Tony Isaacs from Atlanta Georgia for his classes on the subject, “God’s Prophetic Utterances – Attestation to His Reality.”

We continue to stream our Memorial services via Zoom to brothers and sisters unable to meet with us in person.

Dan Garan

January, 2022

Mississauga West Ecclesia

In March 2021, we rejoiced to witness the baptism of Madeline Deadman, daughter of brother Jason and sister Maryanne Deadman. We pray for our Heavenly Father’s blessing on our new sister as we journey together to the kingdom and age to come.

September 2021 marked the 25th year since the founding of our ecclesia. We started with 28 brothers and sisters who lived in the area but had traveled significant distances to their previous ecclesias. With our Heavenly Father’s blessing, we have grown to a family of 70 members and about 18 Sunday School scholars.

In November 2021, we hosted a Study Day comprised of in-person and remote attendance using Zoom with brother Matthew Drywood (Cambridge, ON) presenting the topic He revealeth the deep and secret things (Daniel 2:22). The classes were very encouraging and the event was well attended by brothers and sisters from near and far. We thank our brother for his service on our behalf. We also thank the members of the Toronto West ecclesia for allowing us to use their ecclesial hall for this event.

In 2018, we purchased a property that will be used as a new ecclesial hall. In June 2021, we issued a financial appeal to ecclesias in Canada and the United States. Our appeal noted that necessary renovations were estimated to be approximately $275,000 and that, with our existing funds and expected additional member donations, we expect to have a funding shortfall of approximately $85,000. We are very grateful to our Heavenly Father for the generous and loving support of the ecclesias which responded to our appeal. To date, we have received approximately CAN$40,000 from other ecclesias. The first phase of renovation activities started in late 2021 despite the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions. We expect that this activity will be ongoing throughout much of 2022, God willing.

Joel Thorp

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