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We are pleased to make available all back issues of the Tidings Magazine. Presently, we have all issues since 2007 posted as PDFs. All articles back as far as 2005 are being added in a user-friendly searchable format.

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  • Is Christ Divided?, Dave Jennings
  • Calling All Moms, Nancy Brinkerhoff and Linda Beckerson
  • The Historicity of Jesus’s Death and Resurrection, Steve Davis
  • Are You Religious or Spiritual?, Dave Jennings
  • Getting to Know Our God and Jesus, Sue and Jim Styles
  • God's Greatest Temple, George Booker
  • Introduction to The High Calling, Dave Jennings
  • Showing Faith, Reliance, and Humility, Tim Jennings
  • 170 Years of Preaching in America, Peter Hemingray
  • Three Thousand Souls, Dave Jennings
  • When God Opens a Window of Opportunity, Peter Simpson
  • Noah: Saving Your Family in a Dark World, Dennis Bevans
  • The Moms' Survey, Linda Beckerson & Nancy Brinkerhoff
  • Leading Our Flock, Linda Beckerson
  • Your Life Story, Jeff Gelineau
  • The Power of Being Apolitical, Dave Jennings
  • Politics and Hope, Bill Link
  • Who Tempted Jesus in the Wilderness?, Richard Morgan
  • Our Joyful Identity in Christ, Steve Davis
  • That Your Joy May Be Full, Jim Sullivan
  • The Joy That Lies Ahead, Tec Morgan