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We are pleased to make available all back issues of the Tidings Magazine. Presently, we have all issues since 2007 posted as PDFs. All articles back as far as 2005 are being added in a user-friendly searchable format.

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  • Editorial — Waiting at the River Ahava, Dave Jennings
  • Consolation and Exhortation — A New Kind of Righteousness, Ted Sleeper
  • Exposition — Men Loved Darkness, Caleb Osborn
  • Editorial — Commandments of Our Lord, Dave Jennings
  • Consolation and Exhortation — How to Neutralize Bitterness, Sam Taylor
  • Exposition — Avoiding Bias, Richard Morgan
  • Life Application – Thoughts on the #Metoo Movement and Sexual Abuse, Carol Link
  • Editorial – Oh, That I Had Wings Like a Dove!, Dave Jennings
  • Preaching and Teaching – El Salvador Bible School 2020, Jim and Jean Hunter
  • Editorial — Speaking Well of Other Christians
  • Life Application – the Power of Prayer, Nigel Small
  • First Principles — True Principles and Uncertain Details (2), Joe Hill
  • Life Application — God’s Witness in the Workplace, Craig Stickney
  • Preaching & Teaching — Engaging Preaching Resources, Dan Weatherall
  • Consolation & Exhortation — Furnishing our Hearts and Minds, Sam Taylor
  • Editorial — Trust, Dave Jennings
  • Consolation and Exhortation — Engaging Preaching Resources, William Link, Jr.
  • Music & Praise — Reflections on Treasured Hymns, Jessica Gelineau
  • Life Application — Listening to God, Caleb Osborn
  • Life Application — After CYC, What Next, James Robinson
  • Life Application — On Being Single, Larynette Ndah-Link
  • First Principles — True Principles and Uncertain Details, Joe Hill
  • Teaching and Preaching — Witnessing in Pakistan, Shahzad Gill
  • Life Application — The Best Diet Ever, Carol McKelvie
  • Godly Disagreement: A Biblical Case Study, William Link
  • Ode to a Mudlark, Melinda Flatley
  • Discussing Controversial Issues, Joe Hill