Librarian / Book Distributor Program

The Tidings is publishing many new books every year. Combined with the new books that we have recently published, there are lots of great new titles that we think that your readers will enjoy.

For Ecclesial Librarians and those Brothers and Sisters who run Book Supply operations, The Tidings is now offering a special discounted price for resellers:

Order at least 3 of any one title and at least 12 total books in any order and the books will be shipped to you postage free with a discount of 35% off the Retail Price in your local currency.

Simply email your order to Bro. Jeff Gelineau HERE with your mailing address and you will receive an invoice for the amount due (in US Dollars.)

Standing Orders: For those who are interested in receiving copies of all new books, we have a program in place to mail out new books as soon as they are published at the same reduced price. Simply fill out the form below and you will receive an invoice every time new books are sent to you.

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