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This Resource section is dedicated to the many retirees who are regular readers of the Tidings. As was once said, “Retirement is a prison for the fool and a paradise for the wise.” How can we best apply wisdom to these retirement years?

For those of us that have transitioned into retirement, we have found the journey often without a roadmap. Retirees have often been the backbone of ecclesias over the years, faithfully supporting and mentoring our community. But, the question often arises about how one can make contributions to the Truth during retirement that perhaps were impossible during the years of employment. This section is dedicated to collecting words of wisdom, spiritual insights, practical ideas and volunteer opportunities for our seniors. We will also examine the role of being grandparents, which many of us are blessed to be engaged in.

How can retirement be the best years we experience in the Truth? Please contribute to this section by using the “submit” button.

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“Do not say, “Why were the earlier days better than these days?” For it is not from wisdom that you inquire this.”

Ecclesiastes 7:10 (Modern English Version)

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Free resources to assist with public outreach initiatives. Includes PDFs, videos, presentations and predesigned templates.
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Providing teachers and parents with helpful Sunday School resources for use in Sunday School, all of which are free to download and use.
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Great music and praise material is being created around the world. Explore some of it here.
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