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A collection of music & praise videos from around the world by talented and energetic Christadelphians!

Redeemer Praise Night

Simi Hills Ecclesia, February 2024

If you weren’t able to attend or view the Redeemer Praise Night on February 10, 2024, here is the performance. You can click this link for the program This program includes a short introduction for each selection and its relevance. We hope you enjoy it!

Everlasting God

Nomes Pitcher,  added April 2023

I wanted to share this song to give voice to some of the things we perhaps struggle to express but may deeply feel, and even more so now. Our community is aching and in dire need of the return of our Lord Jesus. Originally written the day sister Linda Wilton passed away in September of 2020, the chorus echoes the sentiments of her beautiful “With Wings as Eagles” song that many of us know and love. Please feel free to share this as a reminder that despite the heart-breaking, mind-numbing pain of this life that we may never comprehend, our God is truly, an Everlasting God.

Sing for the Beauty

Nomes Pitcher,  added April 2023

Composed following an awe-inspiring and uplifting trip to Alberta and BC in the winter of 2020, Sing for the Beauty is a celebration of the stunning (and humbling!) glory of God’s creation. Where in creation do you feel the closest to God? Thanks to the talented Cilla Tuckson for providing the violin part and lots of video assistance. Still photographs are from my various travels around the world.

Brethren Let Us Walk Together

Simi Hills Ecclesia, 2023

Look Up Final

With Lyrics, 2022

Lift Now Your Voice and Sing

Christadelphian 1st Virtual Choir from India, January 2021

Praise in the Valley Evening

Simi Hills Ecclesia, 2022

Virtual Music Day 1

March 28, 2020

Virtual Music Day 2

May 2, 2020

The Lord’s My Shepherd

Aba Christadelphian choir

O God Unseen

Aba Nigerian African Christadelphian choir

Behold the Amazing Gift

Seventh Day Christadelphian Music

God Moves In A Mysterious Way

Seventh Day Christadelphian Music

Lord of All Being

Seventh Day Christadelphian Music

Heavenly Father

Seventh Day Christadelphian Music

A short clip of a hymn sung by the Kamukuywa Kenya Ecclesia in Africa.

Please enjoy this beautiful song, played by Bro. Peter Clausen (piano) and Bro. Scott Tennant (wind instrument) from the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a song that was sung in a local Cleveland synagogue by the Synagogue Cantor during the High Holy Day for Yom Kippur.

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