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A New Preaching Resource

God continues to bless the extended preaching work of www.christadelphianvideo.org
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We are thrilled to announce that we are now at the primary stages of the next development of the christadelphianvideo.org network of sites.

This includes the development of the revamped worldwide preaching arm of the network (formally known as Bible Truth and Prophecy) and now known as Discover the Bible.

We have firmly established christadelphianvideo.org as the largest collection for peer-reviewed, globally sourced and produced central video material for the community. Thousands of brothers and sisters worldwide use these videos daily. This next project will become our outreach arm and will be focused entirely on the viewing public.

Building on our experience with christadelphianvideo.org we will be developing from the ground up new graphics, navigation and functionality, an app, and hopefully brand-new bespoke preaching videos of differing lengths. These will cover a broad spectrum of Bible subjects, seminars, live events, and linked social media accounts, as well as possibly utilizing some preaching material from christadelphianvideo. org.

We are also developing a newlook graphics package, a direction plan, a site map, and collaborations with other Christadelphian sites (e.g., thisisyourbible.com) to utilize their correspondence functionality. Please let us know by email if this is something you would be interested in being involved in:

  • Providing video material (either Individually or ecclesially)
  • Volunteering time or ideas
  • Learning more about how you can contribute.

No experience is needed; at first, we will be engaged in dialogue to determine the basics highlighted above. Once we have a plan of action, we will move to the next stage of creating the site with our webmaster, and we will need assistance with that also. Please contact us at christadelphianvideo@gmail.com.

There are God-given opportunities for everyone to witness for the Truth we love and cherish. This is just another one of those opportunities! May God continue to bless all our efforts in his service according to his will.

Art Courtenel,
Rugby Ecclesia, UK

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