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“It’s a privilege and an honor,”
I heard a brother say,
When told that he’d be asked to read
The chapter for the day.

It’s a privilege and an honor!
How rightly he assessed
The opportunity to serve
With which we have been blessed.

We can work out our salvation —
An opportunity
That God, in His great mercy,
Has given you and me.

If we only make the effort
As each day comes along,
The hands that really want to work
Are never idle long.

No matter how obscure our place
It’s wonderful, indeed,
To know our Elder Brother knows
Our every care and need.

We’re privileged to call on him
Who pleads our cause on high,
And honored that he condescends
To hear our lonely cry.

Then let us lay before his throne
Our service at its best,
And do the job we find to do
With energy and zest.

Then we shall join the honored ones
Whose privilege will be
To show the joys prepared for them
For all eternity.

Marguerite C. Curry

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