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Activities to uncover your anger

  1. How have you avoided dealing with anger?
  2. Have you faced your anger?
  3. Are you afraid to expose your shame or guilt?
  4. Has your anger affected your faith?, your health?, your prayers?
  5. Have you been obsessed with the injury or the offender?
  6. Do you compare your situation with that of the offender?
  7. Has the injury caused a permanent change in your life?
  8. Has the injury changed your outlook on life?

Activities to help us decide to forgive

  1. A change of heart / conversion / new insights that what you have been doing hasn’t worked.
  2. Entertain the thought that forgiveness is the solution.
  3. Make a commitment to God to forgive the offender.

Activities to help us process our forgiveness

  1. Reframing, through role-taking, who the wrongdoer is by viewing him or her in context.
  2. Seek empathy and compassion toward the offender.
  3. Ask God to assist, making sure you really want to forgive.
  4. Pray for your offender – use their name.
  5. Bear / accept the pain.
  6. Release your thoughts from the injury for longer blocks of time.
  7. Speak to others in a kindly manner about the person who has done you an injustice.
  8. Give a moral gift to the offender.

Activities to release us from emotional prison

  1. Find meaning in the suffering and forgiveness process.
  2. Realize that you need God’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of others too, and that God has amply forgiven you.
  3. Discover you are not alone in this.
  4. Realize that you may have a new purpose in life because of the injury.
  5. Become aware of the decreased negative affect and increased positive affect. Applies particularly to the injurer but also for our own internal, emotional release.

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