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Bible Feed: Engaging Preaching Resources

Learn about Biblefeed.org: A growing collection of podcasts, videos and other material to preach the gospel in a modern, relatable and accessible way.
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In this article, I share some of the scriptural reasoning that sits behind our aims and suggest ways in which you can use the content—and also how you can help.


I sometimes wonder what the Apostle Paul would be doing if he lived in today’s world. How would he preach? What tools would he have used? What sort of things would he be saying? Would his preaching be comparable to all our community’s different initiatives? I suspect we would all be stunned by his constant drive and enthusiasm and also his willingness to think outside the box to win hearts and minds for Christ.

Perhaps 1 Corinthians 9:22 is suggestive of how he would constantly adapt to a changing world, becoming “all things to all people,” ensuring he gained an audience in every situation. Perhaps 1 Corinthians 2:2 is an important reminder to us that his preaching content would not have strayed far from teaching the simple good news message of “Jesus Christ and him crucified.”

Undoubtedly, he would be reaching out to people rather than waiting for people to come to him. That was, after all, the raison d’etre of his whole life. Paul’s mission was characterized by preaching the core good news and taking this message to people in a way that gave them the best opportunity to engage with the Word and be converted by it.

Whether or not we have the same mandate as Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles, we are called by our Lord to be “a city set on a hill” that cannot be hid and “the light of the world.” (Matt 5:14). We can learn much from Paul’s approach and how he broke down as many barriers as possible to allow people to come to Christ. As a city on a hill, visible to all around, we can aim to make our preaching as accessible as possible, using all the tools available to us in ways that engage with people. This is why Bible Feed was born.


There are many preaching initiatives in our community, but I thought that there was a need for something else online that was accessible and approachable. Something I would be happy sharing with interested friends and contacts. Something that tried as much as possible to fit Paul’s preaching criteria. With the help of several enthusiastic brothers and sisters, we created a growing hub of resources we hope are engaging and relevant and teach the Truth in accessible ways in a modern world.

Our podcast is built around a series of conversations about the Bible and faith in the modern world. This currently lies at the center of what we do. We host discussions with different brothers and sisters, choosing topics and sections of Scripture to illuminate important truths. We are midway through a series that is walking through the Gospel of Matthew and have opened a conversation on the origins of the Trinity.

We avoid speculative topics such as predictions based on interpretations of prophecy, and we really try to focus on being relevant to the concerns and questions of people living in this modern world—always bringing Christ into the conversation.

The episode on “The God Question” discussed several philosophical reasons why it makes sense to believe in a God, while “Connecting with God” explored concepts running through the entire Bible about being in God’s image and how that relates to being part of the body of Christ.

We know from website analytics that the podcast is being listened to, and we would be delighted if you could recommend it to your friends and family. It’s easy to send someone a link to a specific episode if you’ve been asked a question. It would be wonderful to know it is being used by Christadelphians in their personal preaching conversations.

Even if you don’t have opportunity to share it with anyone, listening along helps to boost the visibility of the podcast, as does leaving a review on their podcast app you use. For most of the podcast episodes, we release short soundbite videos on Facebook and YouTube for promotion. Short video clips are an excellent way to reach large audiences on social media and direct them to our content.

listening along helps to boost the visibility of the podcast

Everything we do is brought together in a hub of resources on our website at www.biblefeed.org, where you can find episode show notes, additional blog articles and links to other preaching material from our community. Our website is searchable, and all posts are tagged and categorized, making it a user-friendly experience to navigate around the site. You can link to biblefeed.org on your ecclesial webpage to encourage more traffic or perhaps embed one of our YouTube videos.


Podcasts are on the rise. There are a vast number of Christian podcasts out there, representing a bewildering number of Christian traditions and ranging from sermons to conversational episodes like ours. We pray that the Bible Feed podcast and all the other resources around it can be one voice among the masses that can take God’s call to some in the world. We hope it can play a small part in building faith in God, increasing understanding of the Bible, and ultimately leading people to Christ.

Dan Weatherall,
Whitestone, UK

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