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God Gave us Zoom

My wife and I are both past ninety years old. This means that we are limited in where we can go and what we can do.
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Before we had Zoom, we had to struggle to find an auditory Breaking of Bread service or develop or create our own. We were unable to attend a Bible class, as we had no transportation or ability to sit through an hour-long class. We could listen to a tape of the Bible readings, but we had no opportunity to share comments or ideas. In other words, we had very limited help in our ministration and had no real fellowship. Zoom has changed all of that.

Zoom enables us to attend the Breaking of Bread service with others, and even share ideas and enjoy fellowship. We can connect with a Bible class almost every day of the week if we choose. We’re able to share ideas, ask questions and participate. I also have a Bible study with a friend with the help of Zoom. 

Think of the opportunities Zoom gives to mothers with children, or to people who are sick…

Zoom has also enabled between twenty to thirty brothers and sisters to do the readings “together” every weekday. Most of our participants are widows or widowers, and the remainder are married folk, with a few that are single. For those who are alone, they have little choice but to read by themselves. Reading with the Zoom group enables us to ask questions and share life experiences with people from all over the country. While the online readings started as a local Southern California response to the pandemic, we now have added participants from British Columbia, Toronto, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, New Jersey, Indiana, Oregon and Alaska. It is a delightful experience to share with people that we only know because we have Zoom.  

Zoom has provided a significant advantage because it has enabled us to have more meaningful Sunday services, weeknight classes, group Bible readings, preaching, and most of all sharing of love and fellowship. If we didn’t have Zoom, we would be in isolation due to our age, though we live less than twenty miles from the closest ecclesia.

We are thankful that God allowed the Zoom technology to exist by the time of the pandemic. It has opened many positive opportunities in the Truth. Think of the opportunities Zoom gives to mothers with children or to people who are sick. Imagine what the Apostle Paul could have accomplished if had access to a technology like Zoom to be able to reach the ecclesias in Asia, or how prophets could have sent messages to the Israelites. It makes me wonder if something like Zoom will be used in the Kingdom?

I am very thankful that God has provided us with this technology to stay connected with our brothers and sisters.

Russell Patterson,
Verdugo Hills Ecclesia, CA

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