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The music for Hymn 296, “Hark! Ten thousand thousand voices sing the song of Jubilee”, was written by Bro. James Flint. He was born in 1813 and he and his wife, Selina, were baptized in 1864 in Birmingham, probably in a bathroom above a barber’s shop.

“Brother Robert Roberts, in his magazine at that time, referred to ‘the advent of a musical family who led us in our singing with a flute, violin and basso (probably a double bass).’ The ecclesial orchestra included Brother Henry Flint (flute), Brother James Drew (cornet), Brethren Thomas Webster and Robert King (violins) and Brother Charles Jennings (harmonium).

“James Flint senior was appointed Leader of Song, and the ecclesia met every Wednesday evening for the cultivation of singing.”

In our current Christadelphian Hymnbook (2002), six hymn tunes are included written by James Flint. They are:

Hymn 83 – “Glory and blessing be”

Hymn 216 – “Beyond where Kedron’s waters flow”

Hymn 281 – “Light of them that sit in darkness”

Hymn 296 – “Hark! Ten thousand thousand voices”

Hymn 308 –  “Yahweh Elohim, When shall we see, The sign of Thy coming, When shall it be?”

Hymn 366 – “Jesus! Thou Sun of Righteousness”

(Quotes and information extracted from the pamphlet by the late Bro. Stuart Cowlishaw, Some Past Christadelphian Hymn Writers and Composers, 1991, page 12.)

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