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My meaningful moment was at a Bible school in the Caribbean. My husband is opposed to my faith, and I live in what is strangely called “isolation”. I cannot attend Bible schools unless I bring along my two young children. Sometimes I am not allowed to attend, and at other times the brothers relent and let me bring them. But they let me know that we are tolerated, not welcomed.

Last year was different. The visiting teacher from the USA was actually interested in my children and in my efforts to guide them spiritually. I noticed that he tore himself away from the elder brethren who continually cornered him in discussion, and deliberately spent quite a lot of his precious time encouraging me and my children. I want him to know how much I appreciate his kind gesture. Was he not simply following the example of the Lord Jesus?

May I appeal to visiting teachers to think of hungry ones like me and not just aim to satisfy the mature intellectuals among us?

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