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Note from the Editor

I’d like to begin by thanking Bro. Peter Hemingray for his thoughtful leadership as Editor of The Tidings for this past decade. Peter rightfully positioned the magazine as a mechanism for edification in our community.
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I’d like to begin by thanking Bro. Peter Hemingray for his thoughtful leadership as Editor of The Tidings for this past decade. Peter rightfully positioned the magazine as a mechanism for edification in our community. His tireless efforts to include a wide variety of writers and perspectives was always appreciated by me as a reader. His unique investigations of historical developments in our community have generated many lessons for our community today. I am pleased that Bro. Peter will stay connected to The Tidings and I look forward to continuing to be able to access his wise counsel, Lord willing.

When I was approached to take this role in 2019, The Tidings Committee clarified the need for the magazine to make some changes to better appeal to modern readers. We read differently than past generations. Much of our reading is done on mobile devices and opportunistically accessed during the downtime of busy schedules. I am pleased to say that the Committee is investing in a full upgrade of the tidings.org website. This site will be a mobile-friendly application. There will be dedicated sections on the website that will provide individuals and ecclesias with practical resources, initially for Sunday School, Preaching and Music and Praise. The website is now operational and we invite you to visit us online at www.tidings.org. Please note that the magazine will continue to be available in hard copy for those who prefer it.

One of the areas that we wish to improve on is ecclesial news. The existing format for ecclesial information in The Tidings lags considerably, often months after they occur.  Most of our brothers and sisters live in the “real-time” world of social media, which provides such information almost instantaneously.  In the months ahead, the hard copy magazine will serve as the official “register” of ecclesial events and news and notices, but the website will provide expanded information, with photos and videos.  We look forward to being able to provide improved access for brothers and sisters of the events in our community.

The magazine will feature seven major “sub-sections” beginning with this issue. Each issue will have articles on life application, first principles, exhortation and devotions, exposition, music and praise, and preaching. The section editors are provided on the previous page.  We hope these articles will be uplifting, but also challenging and thought-provoking.  We encourage you to consider writing for The Tidings.

The reign of David was enabled by men and women who vigorously supported the work. There was a sense of purpose and urgency that was pervasive for this generation.  In the listing of the Mighty Men, one tribe was specially noted for a gift that they offered to Israel.

“And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.” (1 Chr 12:32).

As a community, may we too be blessed by our Heavenly Father to have an understanding of our times and to agree on the direction of how to best serve our brothers, sisters and young people.  We live in a volatile world where change is the constant.  In some ways, our community may require changes. In other ways, we need to hold fast to the heritage we’ve received from our faithful brethren of prior generations. How we move forward before our Lord’s return can only be done with our Bibles open and through sound, open-minded and loving discussions on Godly principles. We must provide solid scriptural reasoning for what we believe and practice. This is the standard that The Tidings aspires to and we invite you to join in the discussion.

Dave Jennings

Welcome to the new Tidings Editorial Staff

Editor – Dave Jennings, Verdugo Hills, CA – editor@tidings.org

Life Application Studies – Chuck Link, Moorestown, NJ – celjnj@aol.com

Exhortation and Consolation – Duncan Kenzie, Saanich, BC – djkenzie@gmail.com

Music and Praise – Kristin Atwood, Verdugo Hills, CA – kristinatwood3@gmail.com

Expositional Studies – Richard Morgan, Simi Hills, CA – richie.morgan@gmail.com

First Principles Studies – Joe Hill, Austin Leander, TX – joehill2008@aol.com

Ecclesial News – Jeff Gelineau, Simi Hills, CA – tidings.publisher@gmail.com

Thoughts Along the Way – George Booker, Austin Leander, TX – geobooker@aol.com

Writer Recruitment, Final Copy – Melinda Flatley, Pittsburgh, PA – mwflatley@gmail.com

Letters to the Editor – John C. Bilello, Ann Arbor, Michigan – letters@tidings.org

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