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Announcing a new website that includes exhortations, Bible classes, studies, lectures, audiobooks from various ecclesial libraries and christadelphianvideo.org.
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We are happy to announce that the christadelphianvideo.org network has just launched a new audio website, scripturescribe.com. This website includes exhortations, Bible classes, studies, lectures, audiobooks from various ecclesial libraries, and christadelphianvideo.org.

The website scripturescribe.com requires a login to listen to talks and use other functions on the site. Brothers and sisters who already have an account with christadelphianvideo.org can use their christadelphianvideo.org username and password to access scripturescribe.com.

Some features of scripturescribe.com include:

  • Online Bible with multiple versions with the ability to use cross-references and look up Strongs Concordance numbers
  • Audio Bible (KJV)
  • Daily readings planner
  • Daily readings quiz questions. Brothers and sisters can submit quiz questions to be added to the site
  • Comment functionality for daily readings
  • Bible chapters will list related hymns (2002 hymn book) and classes
  • Bible dictionary
  • Bookmark functionality so you can bookmark a series or class you would like to listen to later

We are very thankful to the brothers and sisters who have assisted us in uploading thousands of talks to date; the library continues to grow daily. If you would like to submit an audio talk or series or have any questions, please use the contact form on scripturescribe.com or christadelphianvideo.org or email either hello@scripturescribe.com or email mp3@cdvideo.org

We are hopeful this website is a helpful tool that will provide material to encourage us all as we wait for the Lord’s return.

Matt Eggington,

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