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Simi Hills Preaching Fund

The Simi Hills Preaching Fund (SHPF) was started 22 years ago for the purpose of assisting ecclesias in their efforts to accomplish their mission to preach in their communities, and to serve their ecclesial members.
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The initial funding was from a few brethren, and their donations provided a substantial fund for these purposes.

Primary Activities of SHPF

The primary activities funded is for the assistance to the ecclesias in North America for their Bible seminars. In most cases, the SHPF would match the funds the ecclesia was able to commit to such expenses as advertising and renting a facility.

The goal of increasing of the SHPF’s assistance is to increase the number of people reached and the number of seminars that could be held. This has worked very well, and it is hoped that with the end of the COVID pandemic, ecclesias will be able to hold more preaching activities.

The second major activity of the SHPF has been providing interest-free loans to enable ecclesias to own their own halls, and in some cases complete major remodeling projects. Approximately thirty ecclesias have been assisted in this way. As the loans were repaid, the funds were then channeled into supporting the preaching projects outlined above.

Loans are all being repaid in a timely manner. However, over the course of time, the large initial funding grants have diminished to the point where funding ecclesia hall purchases are not really feasible. 

We are sharing this information so brethren will be aware of these factors in the event anyone would like to consider contributing to SHPF to support these activities.

Tax Advantages of Contributing Stock

SHPF can receive and process gifts in the form of stocks. Gifts of Stock are very advantageous to the donor. Stock that has appreciated in value can be donated to SHPF, and then can be liquidated without having to pay taxes on the increase in value. In addition, when the stock is liquidated by SHPF the donor receives a donation receipt for the current sale price. We recommend you discuss this with your own tax advisor. 

The SHPF can also receive stock donations and forward the proceeds to the Christadelphian organization of the donor’s choice, assuming the recipient is a qualified beneficiary.


SHPF anticipates being able to continue to support ecclesial outreach efforts. SHPF does not anticipate being able to continue funding no interest loans for hall purchasing in the absence of additional funding. Smaller projects may still be considered. For additional information, please visit our website at:


or contact Bro. Ken Somerville.

Ken Sommerville,
Simi Hills Preaching Fund

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