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St. Lucia: October 29 – December 7, 2022

Our trip to St. Lucia, Oct-Dec 2023
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I arrived at the House to find it spotless, thanks to the efforts of Sis. Julie Gonzaque. Sis. Dawn Hutchinson ensured there were staples and a couple of prepared meals for me.

The Mission House serves as the ecclesia’s meeting place and the residence for visiting missionaries. When no missionaries are present, Sis. Dawn coordinates the Memorial Meeting at the Mission House via ZOOM with the Kitchener-Waterloo Ecclesia in Ontario. She uses her laptop and a large screen monitor. We also conduct Bible classes there, usually on Tuesday mornings.

Bible reading and discussions were conducted during the week with seven responsive contacts attending eight or more sessions per week. One of our long-term contacts is studying for baptism.

Responses to phone calls and email messages were very poor. I sent out regular email advertisements to our contacts (about 80 of them), inviting them to chat on the phone, via ZOOM, or face-to-face. I had one response; she is now taking the “Exploring the Bible” course and meeting with me from time to time on ZOOM and WhatsApp chat.

The weather did not permit an ecclesial outing on this trip. God willing, Bro. Martin and Sis. Lois Webster will be able to arrange something this January when they go, as will I in March when conditions are more suitable.

While in St. Lucia, I investigated the possibility of spending time in St. Vincent to look up contacts (over 120 of them from thisisyourbible.com) and perhaps conduct a public lecture or two. However, the cost was prohibitive. I will continue to monitor the interest in our contacts there.

I returned home on December 7, 2022, but remain in touch via WhatsApp and ZOOM with our members and friends. God willing, I will return at the end of February for another five-week visit.

Mike LeDuke,
Kitchener-Waterloo Ecclesia, ON
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