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We have received notices of retirement from the “Tidings” Committee of Bro. Reuben Washington, Echo Lake, New Jersey, and Bro. George Rayner, Toronto, Ontario.

Both brethren have provided very useful service to the magazine and its various activities during the past 12 years. Bro. George has agreed to continue providing material for the Signs of the Times section. Bro. Reuben serves the brotherhood in many ways particularly through his operation of the Christadelphian Tape Library. In addition, he has provided invaluable assistance to the editor in some of the issues that inevitably land on an editor’s desk. Bro. Reuben is wonderfully kind but firm when needed to the spiritual benefit of those with whom he interacts.

Bro. Steve Cheetham, Moorestown, New Jersey, ecclesia, has agreed to replace Bro. Reuben on the committee. At present the tidings committee stands as follows:

  • Bro. John Bilello, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Chairman, Book Publishing
  • Bro. Steve Cheetham, Moorestown, New Jersey
  • Bro. Ken Curry, Toronto, Ontario, “Caribbean Pioneer” material
  • Bro. Clive Drepaul, Brooklyn, New York
  • Bro. Mark Giordano, Norfolk, Virginia
  • Bro. Joe Hill, Austin, Texas, Reviews Editor
  • Bro. Tony Isaacs, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Bro. Ted Sleeper, San Francisco, California, Sunday School Project
  • Bro. Phil Snobelen, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Bro. Ken Sommerville, Simi Hills, California
  • Bro. Jeff Wallace, Boston, Massachusetts, Videos

Assistant Editor

We are very pleased to announce that Bro. George Booker, Austin, Texas, has agreed to serve as Assistant Editor of the Tidings/Pioneer with a view to becoming editor within the next year. Bro. George is well-known throughout the community for his writings on a wide range of topics which include books on the Psalms, Lamentations, I Timothy, etc. He has contributed to the Tidings on several occasions and his experience as a Bible School and Study Day speaker both in North America and abroad gives him broad exposure to the Christadelphian community. In addition, his varied activities have brought him into close contact with Caribbean ecclesias.

For several years, Bro. George jointly edited and published a periodical so has significant experience in meeting the challenges of managing and producing a magazine on a regular basis. We look forward to working with Bro. George as he assumes his new and important duties in service to the Christadelphian community.

To facilitate Bro. George sharing in all communications coming via the Internet, the editor’s email address becomes editor@tidings.org. Please make this change when sending articles, news and notices, and other communications to the editor.

Administrative changes

Sis. Rose Madge (nee Shaw), Livonia, Michigan, has agreed to assist in the accounting, administrative and mailing functions of “Tidings” Publications. Sis. Rose is already updating the address files and, Lord willing, will gradually take over more of the administrative functions in coming months. With the assistance of Sis. Rose, plans are to become more consistent in providing free subscriptions to newly baptized persons and provide improved service in other areas which have been somewhat neglected over the years. We are very pleased to welcome her on board.

Book publishing
Response to the books published thus far by “Tidings” Publishing encourages us to continue in this endeavor. Currently in the final proofreading stages are “The Bible and Science,” by Bro. John Bilello and “Essays to Disciples – a Collection of Editorials,” by the editor. Also in the proof reading and revision stage is the book, “Pictures of Redemption,” by Bro. George Booker. Additional works are in mind as we continue to witness the value and need for written works on aspects of scripture exposition, matters of contemporary concern, and issues of our walk in Christ.

A note of thanks

Over the past 18 years, we have received much assistance in the work of the magazine and are very grateful for it. In addition to the continual assistance of our Sis. Ellen, much help has been provided by several proof readers and section editors. Sis. Tammie Campbell of San Francisco deserves special mention as she has provided continually excellent proof reading support from the second issue we produced.

Generous donations from ecclesias and subscribers, and many helpful comments as well, have been a steady source of encouragement. Thank you.

Don Styles

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