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The Creation Story Revisited

VIDEO SERIES: We are pleased to share four important videos over the next two weeks “The Creation Story Revisited” by Bro. John Bilello of the Ann Arbor, MI Ecclesia. In these videos, Bro. John provides a very useful and balanced overview of the Genesis 1-2 account.
To appreciate why Brother John is well suited to present the scientific considerations in the following videos, read about his background and credentials here.
In this first video, Bro. John covers some of the main challenges from skeptics of the Creation account.
In this video, Brother John Bilello speaks on the topic of how the creation story has been interpreted by the Christadelphian community in the past, starting in 1849.
This video takes a look at: Creationism, Darwinian Evolution, or Something Else?
In our final video of the “Creation Story Revisited” series, Brother John Bilello discusses whether theistic evolution is part of the creation story. He answers the question: What do we need to know about creation that is essential for our salvation?
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