We are looking forward to a spiritually uplifting week together around God’s Word studying “The Life of Jeremiah”, with studies led by Bro. Peter Owen (Mumbles, UK Ecclesia) On July 22nd-29th God willing.

Online registration is now open for campers, counsellors, and support staff. Please note you will have to complete a new form for each person registering. Register no later than March 30th. Once registration is complete, please use the below link for payment:

If you are unable to register online, please contact Sister Kate Abel @ 519- 939-0565 or at registration@christadelphianmyc.com
If financial assistance is needed, please reach out to brother Ken Styles @ kenstyles@juno.com

Homework books will be available in April for printing: https://christadelphianmyc.com/workbooks/current-workbooks/

Workbooks are required to be completed upon arrival to camp and you are responsible to print books for your child/ren. If you need assistance with printing or completing books, please reach out to sis Kate Abel at registration@christadelphianmyc.com.

With respect to the Memorial Service at the 2023 Youth Camp, we draw your attention to the Fellowship Policy from the Manitoulin Bible Camp https://christadelphianbiblecamp.com/fellowship-statement/