July 24 – July 30

We’re excited to be getting in touch with you with an update on plans for WCBS 2022. As always, our plans are subject to the will of God. The dates we are planning for the week are our usual: Sunday, July 24 through Saturday, July 30th. We have those dates officially booked with Menucha.

Registration will open March 1! 

Our hope is to be the only group on campus and, given the number of people who have expressed an interest in attending this year, we feel that is likely. However, if we end up with a significantly smaller number of registrations than expected, it may not be feasible to rent all the buildings and we may need to share the campus with one other group. Registering soon will be helpful in allowing us to know whether or not we can rent the entire campus. 

Part of the joy of WCBS is being together in beautiful surroundings. The committee has discussed the viability of providing an online option for WCBS 2022 and we have decided to focus on providing our usual in-person experience; we won’t be providing an option to attend WCBS virtually this year. However, we will record the talks given by our two speakers, John Launchbury and Luke Barratt, and will provide those recordings on the WCBS website.

In terms of ensuring the health and safety of attendees, the Menucha facility follows the COVID safety precautions laid out by the Oregon Health Authority. Menucha is also currently offering individually plated meals that individuals pick up at the kitchen window (vs. their typical family-style food service). At this point in time we’re not sure what additional restrictions will look like, but we will be sure to keep everyone updated as we get closer to July. You can also monitor the Menucha website here: https://menucha.org/pandemic-welcome-and-hosting

Some of our committee members drove up to the Menucha property to look at the Wright Hall re-model, and the rooms are beautiful! You can see some photos of the new rooms here: https://menucha.org/facilities/wright-hall. Each room in Wright Hall (with the exception of two rooms) has an en suite bathroom now, and they all have brand new bed frames, mattresses, and bedding – so we’re heading back to Menucha at the perfect time!

We’re so excited to be diving back into planning for this year, and are really looking forward to getting together in person again, after two long years away. Our hope and prayer for WCBS 2022 is that it is a week full of fellowship and spiritually uplifting experiences for everyone.