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John’s Creation – A Model for Understanding the Gospel of John

Pople, John    |   Published in 2004   |   Paperback (313 pages), PDF

The beginning of John’s Gospel reflects the presentation of the Creation sequence in the first book of the Bible. Beyond this, we hypothesize that John’s Gospel presents Jesus’ life and ministry as a spiritual parallel to the physical creation sequence in Genesis.

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Little Words

Bilello, John   |   Published in 2017   |   Paperback (272 pages), PDF

Explore the meanings of key Bible words, their subtleties of meaning and their applications to our walk in Christ. This book shows there is no need to be a specialist in ancient Hebrew and Greek to properly understand the Word

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Minute Meditations – Complete (11th) Edition

Lloyd, Robert   |   Published in 2020   |   Paperback (586 pages), PDF

Encouraging, uplifting and spiritual insights into everyday life by Brother Bob Lloyd. It only takes a minute…

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Bilello, John    |   Published in 2003   |   Paperback (114 pages), eBook, PDF

Do we believe in miracles? Any sincere believer in the word of God should be able to answer this question in the affirmative. Nevertheless, if an unbeliever asked us if we ever actually had witnessed a miracle, what would we answer?

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My Journey in Faith

Hicks, Ron   |   Published in 2010   |   Paperback (372 pages)

Ron Hicks takes you on his life journey, from his early days in a very large, established ecclesia, to his later years, including his final career posting in a country where there had been no Christadelphians at all.


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Nation in Ruins – Telling the Story of Jeroboam, the Son of Nebat

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2011   |   Paperback (152 pages), Kindle

He was the king who “made Israel to sin.” Constantly Scripture reminds us of this. Yet beneath this divinely ordained title, there was a living, breathing man––a man who started out going in the right direction, but then fell disastrously.

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On the Way – Bible Studies, Exhortations, Mediations and Musings

Booker, George   |   Published in 2014   |   Paperback (320 pages), PDF

“The Way” is a path to salvation, a manner of living day by day, a journey through life with all its ups and downs. This book offers insights, encouragement and food for thought, to encourage all those “on the Way”, whether young in the Truth or baptized for many years.

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Our Mother’s Voice – Writings from and about Christa von Gadenstedt

Terrell, Maritta  |   Published in 2017   |   Paperback (288 pages), Kindle

Here we share with you our Mother’s “voice” – our “Mummy” – the editorials from our church newsletter; poems, as well some Bible study notes garnered from her annotations, and letters to each of us, her children.

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Bilello, John    |   Published in 2008   |   Paperback (170 pages), Paperback (Russian, 184 pages), PDF, ePub

This book examines the parables of the Lord Jesus Christ in light of the historical traditions of the Talmud and with exhortational reference to present times.

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Part of the Family – Christadelphians, The Kindertransport, and the Rescue from the Holocaust

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2016   |   Paperback (426 pages), Kindle, Audiobook

In 1938 and 1939, the Kindertransport occurred: a movement to bring thousands of Jewish children out of Nazi-occupied territories to safety in Great Britain. These children came without their parents, almost always without a knowledge of English, and also little experience with English culture.

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Part of the Family (Vol 2) – Christadelphians, The Kindertransport, and the Rescue from the Holocaust

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2017   |   Paperback (484 pages), Kindle

The first volume of this series described the beliefs of the Christadelphians and told the stories of ten of the children who had left their parents and come to live with Christadelphians via the Kindertransport.

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Whittaker, Harry  |   Published in 1986   |   Paperback (96 pages), Kindle

The Passover is a familiar story which belongs to Israel. It belongs also specially to Jesus and to his New Israel. In this running commentary on Exodus 12 all these aspects of meaning are to be touched on.

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Pictures of Redemption

Booker, George  |   Published in 2012   |   Paperback (192 pages), Kindle

After the First Principles have been mastered (as they must be), we must face the fact that there is something beyond. As we live out our lives day by day, the important issue is not so much how redemption has been achieved, but rather what redemption means, morally and spiritually…


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The Creation Text – Studies in Early Genesis

Levin, David   |   Published in 2011   |   Paperback (364 pages), PDF

This book offers fresh insights into Genesis 1 to 5 by examining the text and structure. It addresses a wide range of questions, including: Are Genesis 1 and 2 two different creation accounts? Was the serpent given the power of speech to tempt Eve?

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The Ecclesia at Ephesus – A Holy Temple to the Lord

Mutter, Ryan   |   Published in 2011   |   Paperback (264 pages), PDF

The Bible’s record of the ecclesia at Ephesus covers more than four decades. Living in one of the most advanced cities of the Roman Empire, Ephesian believers faced many of the same issues that confront us today.

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The Enormous Tiny Experiment

Tikvah, Anna  |   Published in 2020   |   Paperback (219 pages)

In an attempt to create a true Paradise, Professor Lemans uses his vast resources and scientific genius to miniaturize life. With 21 ‘Tinys’ in a secret, domed terrarium, the Professor believes his beautiful world will be the happiest place on earth, free from all catastrophes and suffering.

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