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The Joy of Sunday Schooling

Harper, Jim   |   Published in 2019   |   Coil-Bound Book (402 pages), PDF

An extensive resource to help Sunday school teachers and youth leaders in their important work. It draws on a wealth of Sunday school expertise, with 44 chapters, divided into three main parts…

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The Whole Armor of God

Mutter, Ryan   |   Published in 2011   |   Paperback (110 pages), PDF

Malchiah is a young teenager in the reign of King Jotham. He faces challenges that test his resolve to stick to the principles of truth he has learned. Even though he is only a poor, young shepherd, the decisions he makes have consequences that impact his entire community.

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An Invitation to Forever

Tikvah, Anna  |   Published in 2012   |   Paperback (334 pages), Kindle

Intrigued by a conversation overheard in the dark, Sandra Carrington is drawn into a conflict where emotions run deep. Why would someone who seems so kind, adamantly refuse to attend his brother’s upcoming wedding?

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Beginning with the Bible – Introducing the Good News of the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2019   |   Paperback (139 pages), Kindle

What is God’s purpose with this earth? What is His purpose for me? Does God care about what happens in my day to day life? God wrote the Bible to inspire. He wrote the Bible to teach you about Him and His principles…

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Eleven Weeks

Tikvah, Anna  |   Published in 2014   |   Paperback (366 pages), Kindle

Eleven Weeks and counting… We know it’s going to happen soon, we just don’t know when. What would you do if you knew that Jesus Christ was coming back tonight? or in eleven weeks? Good-looking and athletic, Jake and Zach thought the world was at their fingertips…

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Giving Grace – Removing a Judgmental Attitude from Our Lives

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2020   |   Paperback (110 pages), Kindle

It is part of our natural tendency as humans to judge one another. We see someone act, and we immediately attempt to ascribe a motive––often the motive that we would have if we were to do the same thing.

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The King Who Fell – An Exposition of Solomon’s Song of Songs

Pople, John   |   Published in 2017   |   Paperback (226 pages), PDF

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth” opens the lyrics of the Bible’s most complex Old Testament mystery: Solomon’s enigmatic Song of Songs. In truth, the Song is exactly as it appears…

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Tidings Pamphlets

Various Authors   |   Published in 2019   |   Paperback

Preaching pamphlets to share with those who are diligently searching for truth within the pages of the Bible and uncovering, for themselves, God’s plan and purpose for this world.

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To Speak Well of God – An Exposition of the Book of Job

Pople, John   |   Published in 2009   |   Paperback (326 pages), PDF

It begins with the Divine injunction: “Have you considered my servant Job?” The Biblical drama of Job is haunting. A blameless man is tormented by ‘the Satan’: stripped of wealth, status, possessions, health and children – all with God’s permission! Who is this Satan?

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Unlocking the Mystery – An Introduction to God Manifestation

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2009   |   Paperback (192 pages), Kindle

Have you found yourself frustrated or confused by the Trinity? Does it seem strange to you that a Son can be his own Father? Have you been told that the Trinity is a “mystery,” and that you never can truly understand it?

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