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When the lockdown went into place back in March, Bro. John Perks (Ottawa, Ontario) found himself “teaching” his 6th grade public school classes from home.

He had some discretionary time on his hands and a lot of extra unspent energy that was usually consumed by 20 twelve year old’s. He also had family members and their kids stuck at home. He felt compelled to start making simple little videos of Bible verses. He and Sis. Rachel got involved and started adding music so that the videos became more detailed. His daughter Grace also contributed to many of the videos. The goal was to present each verse in a unique way. As the project developed, Bro. John thought this would be a really fun project for families or Sunday Schoolers.

Enjoy their creative work!

Bible Stories for Children

A play list containing videos with simple easy to understand stories from the Bible which are perfect for playing to young children at home or in a Sunday School environment.

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