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A Tribute to Bro. Reuben Washington

Brother Reuben spent a lifetime of service to our community, here is our tribute to him.
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Brother Reuben Washington (Echo Lake Ecclesia, NJ) fell asleep in our Lord Jesus Christ on February 27, 2024, just a few weeks short of his 94th birthday. He joins his wife, Sis. Marie, who fell asleep in 2022, awaiting the day of the resurrection. He is survived by his two daughters, Sis. Yvonne Prater, and Mrs. Lori Jones. Bro. Reuben was baptized on August 19, 1948, at the Metuchen Ecclesia in New Jersey and was instrumental in forming the Echo Lake Ecclesia, New Jersey, in 1968.

He spent a lifetime of service to our community, conceiving and managing the Christadelphian Tape Library. With the support of Sis. Marie, recorded lectures, Bible Schools, Study Weekends, and Camp meetings were distributed worldwide to interested Christadelphians and friends. He also was an active participant in directly recording the proceedings and providing the audio-visual equipment and expertise at many of these venues.  

Bro. Reuben was a founding member of the Christadelphian Tidings Publishing Committee, joining at the initial meeting in 1993 and serving with dedication until his retirement in 2005. By 1990, The Tidings magazine had expanded, both in page count and circulation, from 950 to 3,400 copies. It was increasingly evident that to continue at this level, Tidings needed broader support to ensure the long-term stability of the enterprise.

his gentle, sage advice helped make the magazine flourish

Having known Bro. Reuben since I was a young man, he was the first person on the list I phoned. I called him and told him what we were trying to accomplish. Before I could say even one of the ideas on my “persuasion outline,” he quickly responded, “Here I am, send me” (echoing Isaiah). That was Bro. Reuben. He was at every Publishing Committee meeting, and his gentle, sage advice helped make the magazine flourish.

What truly endeared us to Bro. Reuben went beyond intellect. Instead, it was his willingness to serve others. He was generous and sincere, and he deeply felt concern for the well-being of our Christadelphian community. He will be missed but not forgotten. May the spirit of love and dedication he brought to our Committee serve as an inspiration for the future!

John C. Bilello,
Ann Arbor Ecclesia, MI

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