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REMEMBRANCE – A Tribute to Mom

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Well, once more a light has faded out of our ecclesia in Jamaica — Sis. Mary Eyre, better known as Mom by young and old. She was kind, loving and communicative. She was everything that was good. She would always try to keep up with drop-out members by sending them the Glad Tidings and the Pioneer and leaflets such as Signs of the Times, Present Day Events and many more. Mom was just wonderful so it is very hard to describe her. If anything went wrong, we just let her know and she was there ready and waiting with some help or advice; yes, Mom was that type of person. And make no mistake, she always added a verse or two from the Bible. She never left that out.

Mom has done a great deal for me of which I will never forget. She is gone, but not forever. I hope God, through His son Jesus, will bestow the blessing that she has left behind upon her children and that they will take up where she has left off and continue doing the mission work. Come on kids, look to yourselves. May Mom rest in peace waiting for the return of her Lord and saviour.

Catch This a Little While

A little while to have to bear the cross
And share with Christ reproach and loss
To face the world its scorn and frown
Before we lay our armor down.

Our little while will soon be gone
For us eternity will dawn,
Redeem the time, O watch and pray
Labor for Jesus while you may.

A little while to fight the fight
Strong in the strength and spirit might,
The Lord is on our side and we
Though him shall gain the victory.

A little while the course to run
And eternity begin,
To see his face and see his bliss
Receive the crown of righteousness.

Bye, Mom, we all do miss you.

From a beloved Sis. Mellie James

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