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Mom’s Initiative: Calling All Moms!

Take the survey before the Feb 15 deadline!
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The Tidings wants to help our community better understand the needs of families raising children of all ages today.

What kinds of support are today’s moms getting? What kinds of support might moms be looking for? How can ecclesias, or organizations like the Tidings, better provide needed resources?

We have created a survey for moms to share their feedback.

This anonymous survey will be compiled to look at overall trends only. If you are currently a mom raising kids, please follow the link below to take the survey before it closes on February 15. And please share it with all the Christadelphian moms you know.

The more we learn from each other, the better we can support the next generation of families!

Here’s the link: www.mytidings.org/csm

Nancy Brinkerhoff, Denver Ecclesia, CO and
Linda Beckerson, Ann Arbor Ecclesia, MI

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