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The High Calling

This online-only publication is a collaboration between The Tidings, The Christadelphian, and Glad Tidings magazines
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It is with deep gratitude that we have witnessed the hand of the LORD God leading thousands of men and women to a knowledge of the truth in distant lands. It is an assurance that the gospel is as alive as ever, bolstering the faith of those of us who live in regions where growth is more incremental or where our membership is in decline.

High Calling Language ChartToday, well over half of our brothers and sisters do not speak English. These represent underserved members of our community, and we believe there is a significant need to provide edifying content for them. We are very excited to introduce a new multi-language magazine named The High Calling. This online-only publication is a collaboration between The Tidings, The Christadelphian, and Glad Tidings magazines, with the editorial responsibility being that of The Christadelphian and Tidings magazines.

Each month, we will select articles from the three magazines, translate them into other languages and make them available for free via flipbook technology. Brothers and sisters can both read and listen to text and recordings of these articles in their own language. 

The first phase of The High Calling is in Persian Farsi. You can view the first edition by visiting thehighcalling.net. From the pilot testing that began last September, we have been thankful to receive some valuable feedback from our Farsi readers.

I have lived in Turkey for more than eight years, and I know the Persian Christadelphian community, which has more than 270 members. In Turkey, we don’t have many sources to read in Farsi for exhortations or articles. We are blessed with this tool now, and on behalf of the Persian community, I am grateful for this. May God help you in your path to keep this magazine active! Reza, Turkey
As a Farsi-speaking mother, it was hard to find and read an article. Now, I can select and play any articles from this digital magazine; it even works when my phone is locked. Also, my five-year-old daughter likes to listen, and it will help her language skills and spiritual learning. Thank you! Sanaz, Irvine, CA
With this translated magazine and audio version, I am sure so many of our brothers and sisters could benefit from it and have access to articles that they couldn’t understand before. Mahan, Lake Forest, CA
God willing, we plan to launch soon in other languages, including French, Portuguese, and Swahili. These are all important languages for our African brothers and sisters. We plan to include additional languages in 2025 and hope to work closely with the regional Bible Mission groups in this endeavor.
The spread of the gospel in the first century involved each person being able to hear and understand the words of truth in their own tongue (Acts 2:8). While we don’t have access to that Spirit gift today, we acknowledge that our goal must be to invest in the translated word. May God bless this work.

Dave Jennings,
Editor, The Christadelphian Tidings

Mark Vincent,
Editor, The Christadelphian

Chris Parkin,
Editor, Glad Tidings

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Norman Fadelle
3 months ago

This is a wonderful and exciting undertaking. May God bless the work.

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