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“For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it” (Luke 14:28).

It is quite fascinating to see oneself in the words of the Gospel. When this skill is developed, one begins to acquire a better understanding of life, its heights as well as its pitfalls.

A case in point: Luke 14:28-33. After reading both parables and appreciating the common sense of it in everyday living, one begins to consider the spiritual ramifications. Thinking naturally, if I were planning to buy a house, wouldn’t I do a cash flow statement to figure out if I could afford the mortgage? If you bought a car on a four-year term, wouldn’t you figure out if you could afford the monthly payments? Or if you signed up for a course of study, wouldn’t you first look at your time schedule to confirm you have enough time to complete your required textbook readings and assignments? Our Lord and Master has asked us for a similar analysis. Self-examination is required; diagnosis is necessary; an audit of our spiritual outlook has been requested.

A young believer may say, ‘Well … I am still young and I have a lot of time to sit down and budget my spiritual life.’An older believer may say, ‘I have been running the race for a long time now … I can coast to the finish-line.’ But what will the Judge say? “Thou fool, this night your life shall be required of you!”

God is in control of our very existence, providing us with the breath of life we enjoy each day. However, along with giving, our Heavenly Father takes away… so one has to ask, does physical age really matter? We are living in the last days, Christ is at the door, the Kingdom is coming  the signs so real you can feel it, the fragrance so sweet you can taste it. If Christ comes tomorrow, will it matter how old you are? Will he still not conduct an “audit” of the oil in your lamp, the faith that you possess, and the gumption and determination you have to finish the race!

According to Luke 14:28, Jesus wants us to sit down and think about the commitment we made at our baptism. For those who are contemplating baptism, our Lord wants you to consider the new life he has offered. Meditate and reflect on the sacrifice of Christ, the meaning and purpose behind it, the doctrine, the fellowship, and the future kingdom. Let us think on these things and motivate each other to push forward: “Let us run with patience the race that is set before us.”

Are you still willing  are you willing in the first place  to lose your life in order to save it? Are you willing to “bear the cross” and follow him? And if you answered, “Yes”, will you stay in the race till the end? Or “Will you also go away?”

Brothers, sisters, young people… Let us all come to the same realization to which Peter came: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

Ian Neblett

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