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Fraternal Weekend in Guatemala

A long weekend bible school.
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After losing their hall during the pandemic, the Ecclesia was overjoyed to get together for a long weekend with a group of brothers and sisters visiting from El Salvador and Honduras. Everyone said it felt like a mini-Bible school. Nearly all the Guatemalan brothers and sisters attended, along with ten or so family members, and interested friends. There were also five children, bringing the total attendees to about thirty.

All felt tremendously uplifted by the weekend

Brothers and sisters from El Salvador made the five-hour bus trip to Guatemala City. On Thursday and Friday, they met several of the brothers and sisters. On Saturday they met in a park with covered patios designed for gatherings. Bro. Jaime Mate gave two classes to the adults on “Walking to the Promised Land.” Bro. Alejandro Alfaro gave classes to the young people on “Joshua—a New Generation.” Sis. Marcela Lela gave the children’s classes.

On Sunday morning, the group met again at the park for the Breaking of Bread. All felt tremendously uplifted by the weekend, and it is hoped to hold another in the not-too-distant future, God willing. In the meantime, until they can find a new hall, the Guatemalan brothers and sisters Break Bread via ZOOM with the Los Angeles Hispanic Ecclesia on Sunday afternoons.

Jim Hunter

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