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Guyana – February 2024

We pray for God's continual blessings on Guyana.
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Some months ago, an idea occurred to follow up the outreach of 2022 at Kilcoy with another over the February holiday in 2024. Given the green light from the two link brethren, Rafeek Soolaman and Mark Carr, the Kilcoy Ecclesia proceeded with the following outline:

Fri, Feb 23—Talk on “The Gospel is for All”

Sat, Feb 24—Talk on “Courtship/Marriage”

Sun, Feb 25—Joint Breaking of Bread; Workshop on “Ecclesial Servants”

The Kilcoy Ecclesia distributed flyers in the vicinity a few days prior, and the two link brethren heralded the program by a visit, during which we purchased a vehicle to facilitate CYC attendance and support at joint meetings across Berbice. A volleyball court, donated by a former Kilcoy brother who now resides in Canada, was set up on the spacious lawn. The response was very encouraging.

Friday’s talk on “Gospel for All,” was led by Bro. Ben Drepaul and followed by a BBQ with attendance of over 25. Saturday’s Joint CYC event drew over 20 New Amsterdam members, who rode in the new vehicle driven by Bro. Abedi. Sunday’s Workshop saw over thirty attendees, as they shared thoughts on all aspects of ecclesial duties by brothers and sisters.

Material distributed included; “Guidelines for a Happy Marriage,” “Servants of the Lord,” and “The Ecclesial Guide.” We also handed out a special folder with valuable tips for exhorting brothers. Travel arrangements allowed some extra time for ministration at New Amsterdam and Demerara. 

Bro. Rafeek’s “Origin of Nations” at the online Thursday 7:00 pm Kilcoy Bible Class was a useful introduction to the weekend program, along with the in-person Bible Class at 5:00 pm on Wednesday at New Amsterdam on Exodus 34 by Bro Ben.

We pray for God’s continual blessings on the CYCers and the devoted brothers and sisters as they remain focused on weekly activities and upcoming special events in Guyana. The Eccles Ecclesia will host the Guyana Bible School in April. In July, the Caricom Fraternal Gathering at New Amsterdam will be held, and the Triennial Caribbean Camp in Trinidad & Tobago.

Clive Drepaul,
Brooklyn Ecclesia, NY

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