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St. Lucia: January 13 – February 5, 2023

An update from our trip to St. Lucia, Jan/Feb 2023
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January 15 was our first Sunday at the Mission House. Attendance at the Breaking of Bread meeting was a bit disappointing. But between our contacts and those members who could attend, we had a very good time of fellowship with lunch and “a cappella” singing (there was a power outage, and the keyboard is electric) after the formal portion of the meeting. Subsequent Sunday morning services were much better attended.

During our three-week stay, besides the Breaking of Bread meetings, we conducted Bible classes with interested friends and continued a daily (with some exceptions) series of readings with our elderly landlady and two of her caregivers. We read from Bro. Bob Lloyd’s “Minute Meditations” and discussed its contents.

On Tuesdays, a ZOOM pre-baptismal class is held with our contact, Julian Jackson. Bro. Benji and Sis. Lauretta also attend when there is a discussion on the devil and demon possession and the doctrine of the “pre-existence of Christ.” The sessions extend into lunchtime, so we served sandwiches and cold drinks and discussed the topics informally. Bro. Mike LeDuke makes these presentations quite interactive, and Julian responds really well. His understanding of the first principles is good, and it might be well said: “He is not far from the Kingdom of God.”

We have had two visits from a Jehovah’s Witness elder and some of his companions. He had first contacted Bro. Mike by phone, but they had never met. The first meeting was not very satisfying, as a man named Prochorus Martelly of the Jehovah’s Witnesses terminated the session abruptly, claiming a prior appointment. However, he did return the following week, and we spent productive time with him and two companions discussing the Kingdom of God and the role of Israel in prophecy. Bro. Mike will follow up with Prochorus when he returns, God willing, at the end of February.

We have had regular visits from our members. We did the readings, shared a meal, and discussed any issues they had. We also had several meetings with a brother who is currently out of fellowship, with a view to potentially bringing him back.

Sunday, February 5, was the day for our departure.  We had impressed the members to come by 10:45, so we could have a relaxed Breaking of Bread and visit over lunch before our driver, Keith Phillip, arrived at 1:00 p.m. They all obliged and were all in attendance, including Julian. We had some singing with the early arrivals, then a full meeting with Bro. Martin exhorting on the abrupt departure of the Hebrews from Egypt and the institution of the Passover. 

Martin and Lois Webster,
Kitchener-Waterloo Ecclesia, ON

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