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Praise-Fest at the Collingwood Ecclesia in Ontario

Praise-Fest was a free public event that included live musical performances, carnival games, a puppet show, crafts, free food along with Bible challenges, scriptural literature and free Bibles.
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In the “almost” post-COVID-19 world, many ecclesias are looking for new ways to share the gospel message with their communities. On Sunday, August 28, 2022, the Collingwood Ecclesia in Ontario launched an innovative outreach activity. Over one hundred visitors attended the event, held at the local park in Collingwood. 

When Bro. Chris and Sis. Martha Sales visited their son and family in Melbourne, Australia, they were exposed to a pre-Easter event held at a park. It included music, games, activities for kids, and an invitation to a Bible address. The event was well-received in the community, with nearly 400 responses to their social media advertising.

The Collingwood Ecclesia subsequently decided to develop a similar effort, which they named “Praise-Fest.” The primary objectives were to share the gospel message, get the Christadelphian name more recognizable in Collingwood, and give glory to God and the Lord Jesus Christ. They distributed flyers and double-sided postcards and created posters and a banner. Additionally, the event was advertised on a local classical music radio station. Ads run on Facebook reached over 9,000 people.

Praise-Fest included the performance of spiritual songs, carnival games, a puppet show, crafts, and lots of great food. There were Bible challenge prizes, free Bible literature and free Bibles. The handouts for the day included an invitation to special Bible talks scheduled over the next four months. 

This is really an exciting idea for helping ecclesias better connect with the community. I am sure that other ecclesias may adapt the outreach to specific opportunities, such as inviting children to vacation Bible School or Sunday School. It also appears to be a wonderful way to get wide involvement in the ecclesia for outreach work. I am sure that this event was edifying to the members of the ecclesia.

For more photos and details about the event, please visit tidings.org/collingwoodoutreach to review a PowerPoint presentation created by the Collingwood Ecclesia.

Do you have a new way to reach members of your community? We’d love to hear from you.

Dave Jennings,
On behalf of Chris and Martha Sales

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