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Serving the Dallas Ecclesia

The beginning of 2020 marked a momentous, dare I say historic, moment for the Dallas ecclesia; we were now meeting at a reserved room in a centralized Recreation Center.
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For the first time, the ecclesia had a consistent place to meet and gather. All the brethren were excited as we met for Sunday school, with the children being in a separate room, and then had memorial meeting afterward. We had interested friends join us, as planning became easier and more organized.

Robert and I continued to advertise and plan for future events such as Bible seminars, Sister tea parties, youth gatherings, Bible study and board game nights, ecclesial picnics, and the annual Dallas study weekend. Though we do not always understand it, God’s will is supreme. COVID-19 struck the world, changing all our plans. We rejoice in our trials and tribulations, knowing God is working in our lives to help us be better prepared for His son’s return. Zooming in on the work being done during this time, we felt helpless. So much got canceled and we prayed for the safety of all. Slowly, we learned to cope and help the ecclesia in new and different ways.

Bro. Robert Evans leading online Bible Classes

Robert hosted online webinars where we had people in and outside of Dallas join to learn more about God’s word. I hosted sisters’ reading discussion on Tuesdays and Thursdays where we came together to read God’s word and discuss our thoughts on the readings as well as get to know one another better. The ecclesia hosted meeting and Bible class online with more people than ever before joining us. We also decided to host our annual study weekend online. On Memorial Day weekend we had close to 100 brothers and sisters, young people, and interested friends join us as we studied Nahum with Brother Dennis Bevans as the speaker.

Pre-COVID Game Night!

We have now left the Dallas ecclesia to live in the Houston area and attend the North Houston Ecclesia, with the hope that we have made an impact and have pleased our Heavenly Father. Robert and I have benefited much from our experience. We have grown in our walk to the Kingdom with a strengthened and solidified knowledge of the importance of being with brothers and sisters, helping the ecclesia, working together, and above all: loving one another. We have been irrevocably changed and are so grateful.

We thank the members of the Dallas ecclesia as well as the CBMA for this opportunity.

Bro. Robert and Sis. Tabby Evans
(Domestic Missionary Couple)
Submitted by Sis. Jan Berneau, CBMA/C Publicity

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