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Standing in the backyard, I peer into the sky.
More rain is headed toward us, and I stop and wonder why.
The grass is green, the crops are lush, and somewhere far away
People curse their dry, parched land and pray for rain today.

Walking through a wooded trail, I peer into my head.
Thoughts I cannot reconcile are filling me with dread.
How many paths have I walked along that led me to sin?
How many times must I fail before I change within?

Kneeling down before my bed, I peer into my heart.
Regret, sorrow, worry are pulling me apart.
Seeing all too clearly the mistakes that I have made,
Hoping I can overcome before they lead me to the grave.

Father, behold my weaknesses; You see them every day.
You know about my many flaws, how easily I stray.
Guide me along Your narrow path; please send angels this way
To watch and support me on this Kingdom quest, I pray.

Jodee Webb

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