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John’s Creation – A Model for Understanding the Gospel of John

Pople, John    |   Published in 2004   |   Paperback (313 pages)

The beginning of John’s Gospel reflects the presentation of the Creation sequence in the first book of the Bible. Beyond this, we hypothesize that John’s Gospel presents Jesus’ life and ministry as a spiritual parallel to the physical creation sequence in Genesis. This makes John’s Gospel markedly different form the other three Gospels, which portray a more chronological narrative. This spiritual creation structure ias employed in interpreting John’s Gospel, though the interpretations are not constrained by this thought.

Successive chapters in this analysis consider the successive days of the spiritual creation sequence in John’s gospel; with an expositional section and an exhortational one. This couplet is repeated seven times in the book, for each of the spiritual days.

In each chapter, the spiritual equivalent of the component in the ‘physical day’ of the Genesis creation is considered alongside the presentation of Jesus Christ in each “spiritual day” of John’s Gospel.