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Leading Ladies: Hearing the Voices of the Bible’s Powerful Women

Pople, John | Published in 2023 | Paperback

We explore new insights in the Bible’s heroines’ life stories.

The Leading Ladies Case Studies delve into the Biblical text of each heroine’s story to unearth fine details, and deep patterns, previously unseen. We are thus challenged to see Rahab as the midwife of God’s nation Israel; to see that Jael fulfills the Eden covenant in precursor cameo; to see that Delilah was assassinated; and to see that Esther completes her hidden agenda to remove the disgrace from the house of King Saul. Over-arching this we see the creation of Adam and Eve describing a harmonizing of the spiritual and the natural, a fusion of Heaven and Earth, with the woman emblemizing the Heavenly component and the man the Earthly one.

Seeing the Leading Ladies’ stories together reveals that their accomplishments directly parallel the well-known feats of the greatest Biblical male heroes. Yet characteristically the women achieved their goals with fewer resources and less preparation time. The Ladies’ victories are often unseen because they are encoded in the Bible record in a much quieter voice, which is God’s own signature communication style.