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Studies in the Lord’s Supper

Moynihan, Shawn | Published in 2023 | Paperback, Kindle

Two thousand years ago, on a spring evening in an upper room in Jerusalem, thirteen people met together. Although this event is popularly known as the “Last Supper”, it was actually the “First Supper”. On the night he was betrayed, Jesus did something for the first time. He directed his disciples to come together, in the context of a meal, to remember him, to affirm covenant commitments through self-reflection, and to proclaim his death. Jesus further stated that he expected his followers to participate in this ritual “often”; therefore, the Lord’s Supper began in Jerusalem, continues to this day, and will extend into the kingdom (Luke 22:16,18).

This book attempts to recapture Jesus’ intention for his Supper. Jesus established the rite to connect us to our Father, to connect us to him, and to connect us to each other. Like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, we want to know Jesus in the Breaking of Bread (Luke 24:30-31).