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The King Who Fell – An Exposition of Solomon’s Song of Songs

The King Who Fell

An Exposition of Solomon’s Song of Songs

Pople, John   |   Published in 2017   |   Paperback (226 pages), PDF

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth” opens the lyrics of the Bible’s most complex Old Testament mystery: Solomon’s enigmatic Song of Songs. In truth, the Song is exactly as it appears: an intensely passionate expression of romantic love, both ascetic and sexual, between two lovers; with the poetry structured as a chiasmus, i.e. in two anti-symmetric halves.

The Song’s lovers are forever imprinted as timeless emblems for this flawless – except godless – love; and the divine Hand enriches the Song symbolically, creating an allegorical overlay with spiritual instruction. The literal storyline and interwoven allegorical messages coexist effortlessly: rooting the Song on Earth does not limit it reaching to Heaven.

The spiritual lessons imprinted in the Song are simple, profound and highly relevant to the 21st century disciple; and the manner in which they can be seen to emerge from the symbology, fascinating.


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