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Within the Camps

Hemingray, Peter   |   Published in 2021   |   Paperback (253 pages), Kindle

How many know about Ernest Wells, who died in Leavenworth Prison for his faith. Or of those who suffered torture, imprisonment, and shipment overseas so that succeeding generations might be able to avoid such treatment.

Christadelphians in North America suffered greatly in WW1 to establish the principle that they could not, in good conscience, serve in the Armed Forces in any capacity, so they were, at best, forced into Army camps after conscription, or sentenced to prison. In WW2, they were sent to camps to perform manual labor under sometimes harsh conditions in remote locations – and in the case of the USA, forced to pay for the privilege. It is to remind us of their sacrifice for their faith that this book was written, and it is to be hoped that it will help ensure their sacrifice in the camps was not in vain.