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September 25, 2023
We are exploring getting a hall again, likely on the north end of Quito, where about 85% of the members are.
September 19, 2023
What an absolute privilege it is to be in his flock! 
September 15, 2023
What portion of our lives is given to things that don’t last, things that are gone in a few years, or gone next year, or gone tomorrow?  A lot, I’m guessing.  Over 90%?  95%?  98%?
September 9, 2023
Is Jesus coming like a thief or not like a thief?  At an expected time or not expected?  Will we be surprised or not surprised? 
August 28, 2023
The one hope provided by God has always been the hope of resurrection.
August 25, 2023
This year the Kilcoy Berbice Ecclesia hosted the 51st Guyana Bible School, the first in-person Bible school in Guyana since the pandemic.
August 25, 2023
Over fifty brothers, sisters, young people and kids from Jamaica and Virginia gathered together... for a weekend of fun, fellowship, and fabulous food. We’re going to hear from three of them.
August 25, 2023
This family’s story is an amazing one of love and devotion, faith and courage, and a strong belief in the promises of God. 
August 25, 2023
(1) The Halifax Project - An Appeal for Visitors (2) A Temple Filled with Unsearchable Riches - Article Comment (3) South African Christadelphian Summer Bible School - Funding Appeal
August 25, 2023
Written by Richard Mellowes Reviewed by Geoff Henstock
August 25, 2023
We should rejoice in this, knowing that if we are faithful, there will be a day when we will not only hear the LORD face-to-face as Jacob and Moses did but will see his full glory!
August 25, 2023
Our Lord knows we are trying to serve. Sometimes we don’t know how best to do it. The example he gave us is the necessity of repeatedly seeking his Father in prayer.
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