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Meet Sister Cinthya

We’d like to introduce you to Sis. Cinthya Alvarez Perez, from the Jalisco Sur Ecclesia in Mexico
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In this article, we focus on just one of our new members in Mexico to tell the interesting story of how she came to the Truth and what has transpired in her life since then. We are blessed with many new brothers and sisters in Mexico that share similar stories.

Cinthya lives in a small pueblo about an hour from Guadalajara, called Santa Cruz el Grande. It was not a town that we were targeting for preaching work and was relatively unknown to most of us. However, we are pleased to say there is a healthy and growing ecclesia in Santa Cruz el Grande now and we can see the hand of our God in calling out a people for His Name.

Cinthya, like most people of Mexico and the State of Jalisco, was born Catholic and practiced Catholicism. But she had questions and doubts about Catholicism, and she sensed something just wasn’t right. She began investigating the beliefs of other churches, but it was not until she had a conversation with Bro. Manuel Rodriguez, a faithful brother from Ocotlan (a neighboring city) that her life began to change. Bro. Manuel was a vendor she interacted with in the small store she was operating. He often spoke to her about the Bible and later introduced the Christadelphians to her. She was initially very skeptical about this group she had never heard of, but she noted their teachings seemed to be taken directly from the Bible. Bro. Manuel gave her a flyer about a correspondence course and soon she began studying with Bro. Gabriel Lopez and Sis. Cynthia Paiva de Lopez. Later, classes started and Cinthya invited other family members and friends to join in.

Sis. Cinthya described the process for learning the Truth:

Initially, I had my doubts, but I studied the course. I also searched online to learn about the Christadelphians, to see if they were correct. Cynthia and Gabriel also answered my doubts with scripture and little by little as I studied, I gained more confidence with the teachings.
I gained confidence and from there forward I have been studying the Word. I saw I was living a lie where I was. And I saw that the scripture was totally different from what I had been taught.

Thankfully, Sis. Cinthya’s family was supportive of her search.

My family never opposed my search, nor said anything. They always said I could believe what I want. But I always implored them to investigate it too. I still talk to them a lot, sharing what I learn, and they react in agreement but have not taken their own steps yet. They never tell me not to attend, nor put stumbling blocks.

Sis. Cinthya decided to be baptized and after a successful confession of her faith, was baptized on July 19, 2016. Her baptism was a very emotional and exciting experience for her because she knew that with her baptism she would belong to God’s family. The baptism occurred at a Mexico Bible School with many brethren from many countries. Her family was also there in attendance. She expressed that she now felt part of a large family of God.

Later, Sis. Cinthya’s mother, Maria Perez Garcia, was baptized.

My family has responded well because I always remind them of the plan of God and His presence. I have a greater understanding of what God wants and what he asks of us and it helps guide my family even in the small details. I see the hand of God working in us and my family is made aware of that. I want all my family to know of these things. At first, my mom wanted to defend her Catholic faith very much. She would get angry with me, but I did not stop sharing things. I would show her what teachings were not correct…the idolatry and how they didn’t teach of the promises to Abraham or any of the basics of the Bible. She would get angry with me and finally after my insistence, I think the doubt entered and she began to study. She said I am going to study because I want to know more about the Bible. And that’s how God opened her eyes. She was converted and was baptized last year.

Baptism of Sis. Maria Perez Garcia

The baptism of Sis. Maria Perez Garcia

Sis. Cinthya faced a difficult and sad experience last year in the passing of an interested friend, who was ready for baptism. She and other ecclesial members took comfort in knowing that her salvation rests in the hands of our loving Heavenly Father.

We had a sad chapter here with Eva, who was prepared for baptism and ready with a great commitment to God, but physically her family wouldn’t let her get baptized as she was bedridden with cancer and on oxygen. But God knows the hearts of all, and we encouraged her to do her baptism between her and God. We had a lovely year of studies and fellowship with her in the Word, but she passed away before she could actively participate in the ecclesia.

Sis. Cinthya shared her views about the opportunity for the Truth in Santa Cruz el Grande.

That we are in a small town and there is not the motivation to study the scriptures to know the truth. This disappoints me because we try to carry the word where we can and send flyers into the neighboring towns, but we know that God does the work. But there is an open door and a light. Unfortunately, the people here are very engrained in Catholicism. However, there are people who look and think and ask, is it true? This is remarkably like how I began my search. That gets me excited as there are some that may yet be saved. We have here Lupe and Gera and my mom already in this small town and we are hopeful many more will respond.
Being baptized I feel covered by God and the love of Christ. I have a great hope of salvation. I struggle daily to be what I need to be. I am human and I carry all that. I ask God for more faith to continue forward. I make mistakes, but I have Christ and every Sunday we are in his presence and I come and bring all I carry before Christ and submit before him. I feel good. Before, death terrified me, now I say, well Lord, it is your will.
Inside the Santa Cruz el Grande rented hall Bro. Dennis Paggi, Verdugo Hills, is leading a study weekend.
Bro. Dennis Paggi, of the Verdugo Hills, CA Ecclesia, leads a Study Day at Jalisco Del Sur

Sis. Cinthya expresses her thankfulness for the brothers and sisters in Mexico that work so hard to promote the Truth. Bro. Manuel was the one who first exposed her to the Truth. Bro. Gabriel and Sis. Cynthia patiently led her through classes leading to baptism. Bro. Victorino Ramirez has commuted from Guadalajara to provide classes regularly and participate in the Sunday memorial services.

As we stand back and look at how the Gospel was brought to our sister, we admire the hand of our Lord and the angels. May the Lord continue to touch lives in Jalisco and throughout Mexico in these Last Days.

David Lloyd, Dave Jennings
CBMA Mexico Linkmen

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