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An Invitation to Forever

Tikvah, Anna  |   Published in 2012   |   Paperback (334 pages), Kindle

Intrigued by a conversation overheard in the dark, Sandra Carrington is drawn into a conflict where emotions run deep. Why would someone who seems so kind, adamantly refuse to attend his brother’s upcoming wedding? Why does he live all alone and close the door on his very own family? Is it a lack of love…or something else? Puzzled by such incongruities, Sandra probes deeper and in doing so discovers an ancient promise that leads to something much greater, richer, and more exciting than she could have ever imagined! Well-supported by Scripture, this unique novel follows the thread of the Gospel message from Genesis to Revelation. There’s a royal wedding to which all have been invited…it’s an invitation to forever!

Glimpses of the Master – A Study in the Parables and Signs of John

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2012   |   Paperback (282 pages), Kindle

Throughout his gospel, the apostle only recorded eight major miracles performed by the Lord; each of those miracles was written so that John’s readers might be convicted of the Messiahship of Jesus of Nazareth and in so doing, that they might come to him and find life (John 20:31). This book was written to tell the story of those eight signs. It was written to make the narrative of John’s gospel come alive, and then to go deeper into the symbolic, or parabolic meaning of each one of those miracles. In every case, the symbols of the sign come together to powerfully demonstrate that the Lord Jesus came to bring true life––and that this true life can only be found in him.

Nation in Ruins – Telling the Story of Jeroboam, the Son of Nebat

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2011   |   Paperback (152 pages), Kindle

He was the king who “made Israel to sin.” Constantly Scripture reminds us of this. Yet beneath this divinely ordained title, there was a living, breathing man––a man who started out going in the right direction, but then fell disastrously. What was it that caused him to stray? How is it that the rest of the nation followed his apostasy? Did he ever turn from his evil? What is his story meant to teach us?

In this biography, we will investigate the life of Jeroboam and seek answers for these questions. As we do it, may our resolve to build our lives upon the foundation of Scripture be strengthened, and may we find ourselves desiring more and more to know God’s Truth and walk in His ways.

To Speak Well of God – An Exposition of the Book of Job

Pople, John   |   Published in 2009   |   Paperback (326 pages)

It begins with the Divine injunction: “Have you considered my servant Job?”

The Biblical drama of Job is haunting. A blameless man is tormented by ‘the Satan’: stripped of wealth, status, possessions, health and children – all with God’s permission! Who is this Satan? More chilling still, who is this God? And why, despite this cataclysmic carnage, does the drama focus on the resulting argument between Job and his 3 friends? The ending of the drama seems no clearer. When God reveals Himself, what is He saying? Finally, God restores Job. Yet does this truly repair His permitted destruction of him?

Change Us Not God – Biblical Meditations on the Death of Jesus

Launchbury, John  |   Published in 2009   |   Paperback (200 pages), Kindle, Audiobook

What does the Bible actually say about why Jesus died? It may surprise you… This book invites you to look behind the metaphors and symbolic language, and consider the underlying perspectives that the Bible itself provides about the death of Christ. It extracts an exciting idea: that the death of Jesus was never about a transaction taking place in heaven with God, but rather that it was intended to have a very real impact on each one of us. It was intended to change us, not God! Crisp and to the point, this book is easy to read. The text considers hundreds of scriptural passages from both the Old and New Testaments, providing opportunity to reflect on the themes and lessons they offer. It avoids jargon and heavy technicalities while remaining incisive and thought-provoking. Read it on your own or use it as a discussion group text. Each bite-sized section includes starter questions for group discussion or for your own personal meditations.

John’s Creation – A Model for Understanding the Gospel of John

Pople, John    |   Published in 2004   |   Paperback (313 pages)

The beginning of John’s Gospel reflects the presentation of the Creation sequence in the first book of the Bible. Beyond this, we hypothesize that John’s Gospel presents Jesus’ life and ministry as a spiritual parallel to the physical creation sequence in Genesis.


Whittaker, Harry  |   Published in 1986   |   Paperback (96 pages), Kindle

The Passover is a familiar story which belongs to Israel. It belongs also specially to Jesus and to his New Israel. In this running commentary on Exodus 12 all these aspects of meaning are to be touched on. But there will be special emphasis on the New Testament links with this impressive sequence of commandments given by God to Moses and Aaron.